Life changing events

40530fa9c2681d36d4dc416959ded297I may not be here very much for awhile.. and that doesn’t mean for a week or two.   I’m talking about months or longer.     My youngest is newly diagnosed  with stage 3(active)  breast cancer and we are still reeling from the news.

Still doing tests and getting results back for the final stage and method of treatment.   We know it will be chemo and radiation… surgery is still in the picture for now..    The type is very treatable, as long as it hasn’t traveled to other areas.

And finding out is a stressful part as she goes for the full body scan on Tues (28th)  There  is a few days wait for the results.. Hoping the results are there at the May 1st doctor’s visit with her chemo therapist.    Pray if you will,  and believe in miracles for her.    She is my bestest friend and youngest child.


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One Response to Life changing events

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Judy. Our children never quit being our babies. I will be praying for the best possible report. Hugs go out to you, too.

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