Quilt in sections

I had 3 sections plus my main body-the largest portion of my quilt finally quilted.  Now to get them put together.

I exposed the back fabric and trimmed away the batting.. 

Make sure your stippling (quilting stitch) is removed or not sewn too close to the edge.  I did have to rip some stitches (stippling) out so that I could get a good fold so my seam was 1 inch  wide on the back fabric. 

Take out the safety pins, lay quilt front side up and with scissors trim the overlapping batting and fabric  away.  Do NOT use a rotary cutter!!  It’s too easy to cut thru the backing fabric!!  Yes it will be jagged and rough, but the strip will cover a 1000 sins.    

Sew Your Strip to one side with folds open.. I used 2.5 strips that were prepared for binding strips. First,Steam press/iron your strips in half, then open and iron the edges to the center fold.  The crease makes a nice, neat line to follow when sewing it to quilt.    

The finish. Taken with phone camera.. It’s a Queen!! 

1 Response to Quilt in sections

  1. barbara johnson says:

    hey judy..
    i can’t believe you can do this without a walking foot!
    I broke down and bought a “generic” one with coupon from Joanne’s
    it’s amazing!!! LOL

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