Blizzard here

Whatever happened to Mama Nature this Winter sure left her in a lousy mood.  It’s been so darn cold and wild snow storms since I last was here.

DD#2 is going thru another round of treatment for her cancer.  A spot showed up on her liver so the medication she was on wasn’t working.   New and stronger drugs then scans… repeat if working,..  And we do pray it is working.   She has continued to work thru this past year.     And It helps to keep her moving forward.

Just before Christmas 2017   Max injured his back and his back legs were paralyzed.. lost control of his bowel & bladder.. and was looking pretty sad since he was such a jumper and active little guy.

He started wagging his tail.. and getting control of his bowel & bladder in late January.. He still sits with his back legs straight out.. but he stands!! He walks!!  and he wags that tail!!     We still need help going up and down stairs,  But that is why I am here.   He’s come a long way since his accident– jumped off the porch.    (6 vertebra are calcified, but not frozen/fused together)

I’m not handling the cold so well.   Every joint in my body hurts  so I try to stay warm and keep active.   But tonight and tomorrow  — it is snowing!!    It is Blowing!!    I swear Mama Nature is having another fit with a Blizzard thrown at us!!   Move over Boomer,,, I need to hibernate.

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