Farmers Market Baskets

We have gotten a bushel basket of spring garden each week these past 8 weeks.  And I have had to relearn how to “save” them.    There is dehydrating,  blanching and Fermentation  besides canning to consider now.    Leafy greens ( Kale, Arugula, Beet tops, and Spinach) do the best with blanching and freezing.   Fast.. one hour time invested and done.

Fermentation…. Radishes, turnip, cabbage, beets.. and just about any root crop will handle the process and surprise you with wonderful tasting goodies… Actually this is my favorite process for storing root veggies.    I still have to try some pickles.. cucumbers, onions, beets- just to name a few.  Just need to have a large enough jar to cover (and keep covered)  your veggie with a brine ( salt and water).    Make sure you have weighted down the veggies during the whole process.   

All the Herbs we get, I run thru the dehydrator.   Then put them in canning jars.. Pint size.   I guess I could crunch and munch them all up to fit into a smaller jar, but I used what I have and save time by skipping the crunching.   Psst.. looks good on my herb & spice shelf, too.

I am anxiously waiting the next round of Farmer Market goodies.   The Summer & Fall Baskets!!     The challenge is how to preserve everything.   Nothing goes to waste!!   At least I try not to let anything go bad… I hate throwing anything away that has cost us good money.. hard earned money.. time invested paychecks.

Do you hear YOUR granny talking??   Just saying, there is a lot of ways to save $$  and eat good too.

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