News media & politics

The Florida Shooting aftermath:

It’s a bunch of BS the way the politicians are responding to the victims and  survivors.   There is little common sense or caring.  Compassion  is gone and Money seems to be the culprit.      I am so ashamed of our government.   Top to bottom, it doesn’t make any difference.    The politicians don’t have “the people”  ‘s  needs in mind .. just how they can improve their office and rise in the ranks of  political power.

It all comes from the “donations” to the campaign – thousands to Millions of  dollars coming from corporations and individuals who have their own agendas to use the people who have to work and live from pay check to pay check.   The corruption  comes from having all that money to use to get elected and sneak away into off shore bank accounts for their own personal use.

We all know it is done, but we can’t change any of the laws, since we don’t have any power.

It isn’t until we unite and protest… and then we are attacked.    We can’t even believe in the News any more since the owners of several broadcasting networks are out to “sell” and “influence” their opinions  on the public..  There is NO COMMON SENSE   and NO MORALS to those who are in the Political Arena.

God help us all.


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