Just catching up….

Added these two Mini-Pins to the family July 1st.   Mac N Cheese.  Mac is the brownish red 12 lbs.. Cheese is the black N tan 5 lbs.    This is what happens when you volunteer at a No Kill shelter.  Both are male, fixed and litter mates.  Never been apart in the 4 years since their birth.   Mac has his baby teeth with No “fangs”.    Cheese’s front legs are bowed.     I found out what Puppy Pad trained means….. NOT HOUSE BROKEN.    so the saga of training adult dogs begins….

August found me hunting pyrex, fire king and Norman Rockwell.   I had to have a few  little “extras”.. Love My Glass goodies… If it sparkles, I gotta have it!!

 September found me in Elephant Butte, New Mexico doing  “tourist”  with my Cousin.. we turned another year older and had to do something NEW..  I had my first experience on a jet ski.   We played music together  and did the tube down the Rio Grande river.   It was a 2 hour ride roped together on inner tubes.

No trip near the water is complete til you throw a line in the water and catch up on life with your Sister/Cousin.

And– Mac N Cheese haven’t had any “accidents” in the house for a month.   That was easier than I thought….   


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