End of summer 2018

Whew, where did this summer go?

  I just got my flannels off and now it is time to think about where I put them.    Lots of unexpected events happened this season.  Not all good, but not all bad.

I am just now getting back to playing in my sewing room.

here is a finish for  this quilt.. ” A river runs thru

Mac and Cheese follow me everywhere.. so I have a bed set up for them in my sewing room   Mac had re injured his back and has trouble getting around.   Here he is all spaced out on his medications.   Pain, muscle relaxant & steroid.   He is walking, but not climbing any steps.   As soon as the swelling goes down, I’ll be doing some PT with him.   Mainly massages.


Two finishes And Delivered:

The Great Grandbaby’s quilt got finished and off to the proud parents of their little boy.

And My Grand Daughter loved this curved log cabin quilt.. It arrived just before their 1st year Wedding anniversary.

 Garden News:

Season is wrapping up for my raised garden beds.   I didn’t get much planted so nothing to brag about with the tomatoes and cucumbers this year.   I tried planter potatoes and didn’t get much of yield , thus I won’t be doing those again.  I just do the “hummm, maybe I’ll try this”, type of garden.   Hit or miss, it gets me outside and into the sunshine and fresh air.

personnel news:

Wed. 29th, I have a test to go thru before the doc can decide if I need further surgery.   My fundal ligation came undone.. and I have a lot of acid backing up in my throat.   He thinks He can redo it, but I have to jump thru all these hoops to get my insurance to cover it.   Pending news on this to follow.

Got my tricycle out and new battery for the motor.. tested it out and whew, independence time for me!!   I was wheeling and dealin’ around the neighborhood.

Keeping the Faith here… and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.   Make some time for yourself  each day.. It’s a good mood lifter!!


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