I’m back!!

Boomer injured his hips by jumping down off of something.. He yelped so loud when I picked him up, that I took him to the vet right away..   He’s drugged up here, and we got some meds to reduce the swelling.. So he was his ol’ self after a week of being carried in and out, lifted up and down, and just making him rest those hips and back legs.    It’s been 2 weeks and you would never have known he was down and out for awhile.

Vet tells me he has arthritis in his spine and try to keep him from jumping off high places.   We have stairs to beds and chairs, but He still doesn’t think to use them.

I have this top done and will be putting on the borders then quilting it here at home.   I haven’t decided what quilting pattern to use when sewing all the layers together as yet, but It will be done soon and I can get to quilting the quilt for my  #1 GD It’s all sandwiched and ready.   I just have to find the time.

Boomer has a new playmate on Thursdays when the cleaning gal comes.   She brings her little girl, Baby, over and they spend time racing around the house.  Then resting in the recliner.  (Just like me.. I love my recliner for those long rest periods.)

Volunteered at Taps today and had to stop and say good day to one of the many great dogs looking for a home.   I think if I had more energy, I’d like to take this one home.. but   I haven’t walked this one yet.   And you don’t really know til ya put a leash on them.   I’ve already walked a couple of cuties and loved on them.  Hope to get more fur luvin’ next week.    Taps Pekin. Facebook    

So it’s off to rest my weary bones and get ready for another day…. Yea, I made it.  Thank you, Jesus!!

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