Checking out my fabric..

I really got spoiled with the Texas weather.  It was 78, sunny with a nice breeze.. I come home to rainy , cloudy and colder temps.   I felt lucky if it got to 50 degrees this past week.   Ugh.. My body is screaming, ” what happened?”

But I am getting back into the thing of layering on clothing (and that is just inside the house).   And checking out my fabric for more gifts  and finishes.

An Orphan block quilt.. in blue’s.   I see why these were Orphans.. the center red and brown just didn’t line up.. I just sewed them up anyhow and will add an applique to cover up the “noticeable” problem spots.

How about this wise ol’ owl??  In some blue colors??    Yeah, that’ll work.

Next I have to make a grey, yellow and white quilt for a niece of John’s.. It’s a baby quilt.. My favorite kind to make, since it is smaller and I can do every step of quilting on my NEW Janome.   I love the theme,  You are My Sunshine.    So I ordered the fabric and will get started on that as soon as my fabric arrives.  And the final quilting to be done with a big sun and rays ….??   Or maybe I should just stick with a meandering??     Oh, the patterns are endless..

Whatcha think, Boomer?  Ok, maybe later.. He seems to drifting off into the land of milk bones and squirrels.


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