ead2680563c66dd89484957dff5d68efWishing all a safe but memorable holiday.   Independence Day!!

Kids are out taking a ride on the Harley, eating at a cook out then coming home early.   DD was tired before going, but I thought a little fresh air would be good for her.  Help to metabolize that B & D vitamin hiding in her body.

Believe me, If I could, I would be out there with the wind in my hair and soaking up some rays.      These days I’m relegated to a walk to the park with a dog dragging me back up the hill.    It’s Exercise… right?


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more progress

I'd choose UMore progress….

I got my Thank you cards finished and in the mail..  (a little money making side line.. need to buy more paper. LOL)

A MASSAGE!!   I made an appointment and kept it.   ( I love getting all the aches, pains and sore spots found)    This afternoon was the day & time.   Whew,  after fixing Supper….. I’s  TARD!    

DD#2 is also exhausted.. She calls it her “chemo Brain” day.     I call it just normal life after getting poisoned with all those necessary drugs.   She is still pale, but the dark circles under her eyes are gone.   No taste buds left.. but she did eat good.

SonNlaw did all the grocery shopping and put it all away, too!!    So he is a KEEPER in my book.   Plus he really loves and takes care of DD.   Another reason to Keep Him!!

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Day 6 after chemo is usually pretty rough for DD. Sick- exhausted-pain-GI track sore.    NOT THIS TIME!!   She went, she conquered, and survived the whole day!!   Got home, ate and collapsed.     sleepy%20smiley    But she made it .. a whole 8 hours plus lunch hour… And still drove home!!   Mile-stone / progress!!

I have to get a bunch of Thank You cards to finish and in the mail.   So will be up to my elbows in paper and glue tonight.       While I listen to some “comedy” on TV.    Funny stuff there, and just what I need right now.    Life is fun and funnier to hear “some” people talk.     Almost as good as getting out side to play.   I gotta celebrate!!   Right??

In the sewing department:disappearn 4 patchAlmost got all them blocks done.      Next step is trimming them all to the same size before sewing them together.     I might get this quilt done before Christmas.

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Day 3 after round 3

mortonThis is our weather today…. rainy, cloudy and cool.

DD#2 is not having as much pain, and is thoroughly wiped out.   Up for a few minutes, then back to bed and sleeping.    All the side effects are there, but under control with medication and resting.

I did get to my walk and a nice hot shower!!   Gotta make an appointment for a massage this next week.   Helps with my stress and keeps the circulation going.  So far I don’t have to take any medication for “that Arthur”  problem.    (Knocking on wood )   I only have to deal with one major health issue and taking one pill a day keeps that thyroid happy.    I’m sure it has burned itself out by now and my maintenance dose keeps me going.    I will supplement my diet with a vitamin now and then,  but only when the stress levels get really high around here.    (like all this week?  lol)


Time to get into the kitchen and fix something for dinner/supper.   Thinking that stuffed peppers would    be good..


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2 days after round 3 chemo

A day of dealing with side effects.   Not bad ones, but those that the pills control.   Nausea, mouth sore (thrush)  and all achy.     Taking 8 different pills, getting some food down and putting up with the feelings that “something isn’t right”.   Like before you come down with a bad stomach flu.

I notice the dark circles under her eyes, very pale, being forgetful and not organized.   Will be keeping a close watch on her the rest of the week.   Immune system is really compromised this week, so a lot of bleach wipes will be used.

I made my homemade soup .. vegetables.    All is pureed and  1/3 Cup of heavy cream added to all the cooked fresh vegetables.  Added rice and beans that was cooked and frozen just for this occasion.    Getting the proteins in there is easy with a mix of beans and rice.   Best of all she loves it.    Add in some crackers or bread sticks and you have a great meal.

As everyone rested, I cooked, cleaned and sewed a bit.    The Rope baskets I made sit next to my sewing machine to catch fabric/sewing trash…   And guess who decided this was a perfect spot to supervise my making  of Disappearing 4 patch Blocks??

cat in a basket Smudge seems to be doing a quality control check.   Or is this a Time Study look.

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pre work up results

today (Monday)  is the day all the blood is drawn and evaluated for Tuesday’s Chemo therapy.   All levels are great, except for:

Magnesium was way low.   I know she has been complaining of legs being wobbly and arms have started feeling week.    So tomorrow when she goes for the FULL load of drugs, she will be getting iv magnesium and iv nausea, before they give the iv chemo.     Also has a pill for Magnesium added to her list of stuff to take.    cat%20happyThe steroids have her acting like “speedy Gonzales”  with Motor mouth syndrome …   Finally got her fed and resting.    Her Hubby will be taking her tomorrow morning for all the infusions.   Then she will be home Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

storm%20cloudLater this evening we have storms coming our way.    Figures:   John just mowed his mother’s yard and ours.

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Round 3 beginning

Rd 3 medsThe meds are here and we are gearing up for the next round of Chemo therapy.  This is #3 for DD and she is really ready.   It was a great 3rd week / Round 2 with her father.   She had very few side effects and his visit really helped her look forward with renewed energy and strength.   Just knowing he was here for her and spending the one on one time with her brought back that touch of BAD girl attitude I knew she had.     She is really strong but needed the reassurance that only he could give her.

I’m probably overly protective, but I would walk thru fire to help her stay strong and beat this thing.   Things that happened in the past can go to Hell, and I can swallow my pride to get her to fight and win this battle.   I am not important, I’ve lived and done about everything I ever wanted or dreamed of.   It’s time to give myself and all I know to make her journey the best it can be..

I’m here to help .. we will climb this mountain straight to the top and never give up.

And thus we face this coming treatment with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence.     Thanks to her father.     I may have to call on his assistance again in the future and it helps to know that he will come when needed.


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