put the peddle to the metal.

my peddle machine w log cabin blocksI practiced with the log cabin blocks before going for the vintage ones..  All went well with the first two rows, so I switched over to putting the vintage blocks together.. Using the Antique treadle sewing machine

flimsy vintage vintage blocks together... Hey!  DD#1.  here are some more pics to help you choose the backing for me.  Watcha think??     The August quilt show is sneaking up on me… so let me know soon if not tomorrow.

My Orphan Blocks are pouring in from some really wonderful ladies at Missouri Star Quilt Company dot com.   In todays box–  

  1.  Just one single block that measured 14×14  in pastels.  Very appropriate for a baby boy.   I’m making it bigger by just adding strips to the sides.. The box/gifter sent lots of pastel strips along with this block.
  2. I sorted the fabric by colors/season/holidays.    There is some beautiful fall & lots of browns to do some strip piecing.   I love “scrappy looking” quilts and these should make a great quilt for the fall.
  3.  Huge embroidery blocks with white background.    ??   still stumped as to putting them together.   Looking for a great color to sash each block.
  4. Miscellaneous blocks and fabrics…. they will join the other orphans that are sorted into   colors/season/holiday piles.

Whew,  I told ya these gals are generous!!     Got so many ideas running around in my head after playing with the Orphans!!

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Another beautiful day = sore muscles

sun batherMy little helper just couldn’t keep his eyes open.. laying out in direct sunlight on the back patio.. he is soaking up some rays.

Got the front patio all cleaned up and finished up the brick wall.   Cleaning out the front flower beds.. and after the rains (next 2 days)  the soil will be soft enough to do some planting in them.

Liz’s was playing  in the dirt this afternoon.. and has a little Gnome Land in the works.::

liz's gnome landSunshine brings out the “gardener” in me and I am getting the urge to PLANT something.

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Warmer days

Any temp above 60 F.  brings the gardener out in me.    The UPS delivered the 2 raised bed tables and DD#2 has been putting them together.

We went to Menard’s today and I snagged the seeds , plants and potting soil to start  some seeds.   We  also grabbed some really cute little Gnomes for our Fairy Garden..   Forgive me for not taking photos, but we were on the move all day and the camera needed to be charged.    My phone does take photos, but I don’t know how to get them to my computer just yet.   To many new things for me to keep up with.   So I’m staying old school for a while longer.  Will take photos tomorrow with the camera!garden

I’m truly enjoying my New vision.   I can see so much better, I can’t stop myself from testing and finding new sights.

OK, what’s my favorite color right now:   GREEN!!   There are so many different shades of it in nature.

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she’s a flimsey

vintage top they are all together!! and in the quilting world a finished top is called a flimsy.   Now to find a suitable backing and binding — an ongoing search on my part.   It’s approximately 32 x 56 inches.  (a nice size lap quilt).  Boomer likes it!!

boomer whos hereHe is on watch dog duty here in this picture.   Just making sure our guest dog (Jack) doesn’t get into the treat bag.

Jack the guestDon’t think He’s sleeping… He’s just had a romp outside and needs to catch his breath.   (Really he is a very sweet dog who loves lots of attention)  Jack went home Tuesday, the day before my cataract surgery.  Hope we get to dog sit him again.   He was a perfect little house guest.

Before my eye surgery, I finished getting the border put on this “orphan”..  Saturday (today)  I am hoping to find a matching fabric for the back when DD#2 & I hit the road for some therapy  shopping.bordering w dog toothBIG NEWS – DD#2  is cancer free!!   All tests came back negative and in normal range.    YaHOO  This past year has been full of UPs and DOWNs.     

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vintage saga continues.

4 patch 2getting these 4 patches turned into 8 patches… and planning  out the edges with the pinwheels.

It’s gonna be a lap size quilt.. just trying to get as much done as possible since the cataract surgery will be on the 6th of April around 3 pm.

I’ll be working with just my right eye and the inside of it looks like a broken egg yolk with limited vision.  I only see a quarter moon size area.   Will really need my cane after surgery.   Lots of eye drops and a nightly patch are in my future.   At least for 1 week after surgery.



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continuing with vintage and log cabin

Just getting here from yesterday.. following along with putting these vintage blocks together.  DSCN8141DSCN8142This one is the Pinwheel.. I think I’ll have enough to go around the outer edge of the quilt.   Any how I’m gonna  use these for the top and bottom.. and fit in the others along the sides.    I did talk to DD#1, who is also a quilter, about what fabric I should use for the backing.     Two heads are better than one, right??

DSCN8138 which layout do you like best?? I’m drawn to the medallion, but the  other one is also very appealing.   DSCN8140 I had an eye appointment Monday as a pre – op for cataract surgery.  It will be my left eye first as it is my dominant one.   Not looking forward to it, but something has to be done as I feel like I’m looking thru frosted glass most of the time.   Most people I know who have had it done are very happy with the results.     I just want to see well enough to finish up some of these quilts that are in progress … don’t even look at my “to do” and “wanna do” list.

As soon as everything is approved by my insurance, I’ll get a call with the date and time.    But it will be done in April…that’s a “for sure”.   I’m pretty sure I’ll get thru everything without any problems..   I made it thru a lot worse things.   That’s one good thing about getting old– we know we will survive since we’ve had a lot of practice with such stuff.  And if we don’t, it doesn’t surprise us.




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Groups instead of strips

4 patch 2Working on the vintage blocks had me stumped for awhile… If I sewed the blocks into strips I couldn’t control the wonkiness that happens with hand sewn blocks.    Thus I came up with this grouping… like a 4 patch.    I have more control over keeping everything in line and squared up.   I’m still ironing and spray starching as I go along… So far there hasn’t been any major problems keeping everything lined up.

4 patch 1 I was learning more about the quilting phase that Gram Sadie and Aunt Lilly used.. and they Tied their quilts.    Ah Ha!!  no need to watch how square and even everything should be… thicker batting and tying covered a lot of sins.  No need to be so carefully with blocks being even or squared.    That makes a lot of sense to me.

DSCN8138 When I get impatient with the vintage, I work on making the blocks for this “curved Log Cabin”..   This is the medallion pattern… I’m auditioning other layouts for this block..  Once I get a few more blocks together I’ll start playing with all the different patterns you can make with this block.   stop vacuuming quilters

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