full day of quilting

I spent today marking the illusion quilt for the quilting process.   I didn’t think it would take me all day, but I did take lots of breaks to rest my back.. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this one done this week.  I did use a regular #2 pencil since I haven’t had any problems with it washing out on a normal wash cycle.   The white pencil is for that dark fabric..   I used the circle template to keep my lines uniformed..(got it from MSQC)     marking-qlt1 marking-qlt2 marking-qlt3Only got half done, with the marking… so tomorrow is another “marking” day.



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Looking in the mirror…..


It seems I have reached another milestone in the aging  process… I tried on my bathing suit and noticed every part of my body has gone crepy.   It’s that thing that lets you know your reaching a phase between  Creepy and Crazy.    It sure creeped me out when I looked down at my legs and thought “what the heII.” “When did that happen.”    Then I just had to check the rest of the body to see how far that wrinkly thing spread.   That drove me Crazy…. it’s everywhere!!

It’s terminal…. It isn’t catching tho.   It only happens to those who reach their Golden Years.   birthdaysOne thing is for sure,  I’m not leaving this earth, til I’ve completely used this ol body up!!


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Illusion quilt…

serenity illusion charmsMy DD#2 wasn’t too sure what I’d do with the charm pack.. it isn’t my usual color choice to work with, but seeing all the grey, I knew exactly how I wanted to put these together.   The original tutorial used 10 inch squares cut in half, but the regular charms (5×5) work just as well.    Thanks Janet L. for the charms…Oh Hum..9 16 The looks I get when I don’t take the little guy out for a walk….  At least he isn’t pouting—or IS he??

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I feel like I’m scattered all over the place with quilting, piecing & mending.

DSCN8295 DSCN8289This one still needs the binding..  It is small, NICU size.

Sept que.These two are ready for quilting.. DSCN8293Finally Finished another small NICU size quilt..

DD brought out 2 of her “favorite pants” to be mended.. How she manages to get holes around her pockets , I haven’t a clue.   They sit at the Singer 500 for repairs..

AND  I have an illusion quilt in the making using the Singer 9960.   A dear friend gave me a charm pack- Serenity by Moda- that has a lot of grey shades, so I had to make an Illusion Quilt.. just getting the sashing on them now.   Better pic will follow once I start sewing all those blocks together.

serenity sashing

No wonder I am tired… Just keeping up with all my sewing projects.. AND  I even cooked a fantastic meal (Dinner).     No photos of it,   everything was cleaned up and eaten by the time I got my camera charged and ready.

When I’m on, I’m ON….. but now I am seriously considering going back to bed.  I was tossing and turning half the night.. Kept going over what I wanted to finish today.    LOL…..quilts not housework

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Saturday’s Quilt Show

Gem’s of the Prairie is holding it’s annual quilt show this week end.   And being a member, I went to see all the wonderful creations.   Here are a few of my favorites.. I took these with  my phone and they are a little blurry, but on with the show.

0827161109 0827161119 0827161122 0827161135 0827161137 0827161153 0827161155 0827161157

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Recovery time..

August has been an “eye” month for me.  Follow up on the cataract surgeries.. then laser treatment to scar tissue that was covering the “opening” to the eye.  So not a lot of quilting got done, tho I was able to sandwich quite a few quilts.

Was also able to get a new machine to make that quilting easier.. Janome 9400 with a ll.5 throat.   It’s a learning curve for me to operate just now.  But I’m conquering it a little each day.    So far I love everything about it.

The machine you see in the “design board” post is a 1901 singer with the Phoenix decals.  And it works beautifully.   I love sewing on it: takes me back to my pre-teen years when I first got to use a sewing machine.   I have a quilt top I made with it.. Curved Log Cabin.

my peddle machine w log cabin blocks

And my little helper follows me and watches as I work with my fabric.. His favorite spot?:   next to my machine:   Not always so wide awake as he is in this photo..

sewing timeand I’m back to work on some patriotic blocks to fill in some blank spots on MY Quilt…lotto blocks

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August 2016 Design board

Aug design wallIt is getting fuller.. I want to make a few more blocks before I start “designing” the final layout.  But here are my “gatherings” … a few orphans in there and a Panel.  Still going thru the stash for some Red, White & Blue fabric… I know I have some of each!!DSCN3108

Yes, I was honorably discharged from the Navy..  Funny how my past keeps catching up to me.   The local Guild had a call for blocks for their QOV project and it got me going on MY OWN Patriotic Quilt.  My Commander-in-Chief was John F. Kennedy.   (that’s telling my age)

lotto blocksoff to make more of these!!  easy directions and no Y seams!!


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