catching up with the “orphans”

This is the Free stuff I grabbed while at the Guild Meeting July 6th. They have a table set up for those who wish to get rid of fabric or for those who need to find some fabric cheap!!    I’ve used that flower fabric at the lower Left already..

free fabric haulThere is some beautiful aqua greens, greys, blues and border fabrics in there that I will use as backing, sashing and corner stones on my Orphan Quilts.  sashing time

A little sashing between some embroidery squares that were orphans was my first thought when I saw that floral bright fabic.

orphan wheels 2This is the second pinwheel quilt that I’ve done from Orphans.. Its 3 across and 4 down  Quilt as you go blocks of 15 x 15 inches each.  Makes a generous quilt/lap size.   Getting those seams to match up when you don’t use a sashing strip to connect blocks was the “lesson”  I learned doing these.  (I didn’t use connecting fabric on the back either.)

I got the sizes for my Lite into Dark quilt.. took it out and measured each block.. Took some time, but I have them!!   I ordered some strips of solid colors.. Next I’ll purchase 3 yards of black Kona fabric.   Then I can start making another smaller version of it.


SASHIKO!! front sashikothe borders for my Ghastlie Quilt..  I’m going thru extra layers here in the corner. ONLY thing it is much harder than you might think.. and you need to check the back often:

back sashikoSee those missing little white dots on the back…??  I’ll have to do some cheat stitches to fill those in.    I’ve never been able to use a thimble and after a couple days of hand stitching, my fingers are SORE!!    So it’s a few days off from that project..tho it sits out in the middle of my room.    This way I won’t get distracted  and it’s there to remind me to “finish” it.

I have another bunch of 6 inch Orphan blocks up on my design wall now and am figuring out how I want to put them together….  still rearranging them..   6 inch orphans.It’s a Process!!

Granny Judy

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time doesn’t wait

medicinal coffee

Having a medicinal cup this a.m.   Needing to kick start the brain cells.   Can’t remember what all I wanted to get done today… July 5 and all the booms & bangs have stopped… (I hope)

I have been eye-ballin this quilt….

lite nto dark

I made it a few years back and  I want to do another.. only with different colored squares.   The pattern was a mystery quilt, but is no longer available.    So It’s hit and miss while I figure out sizes and amounts.   I remember we all had to get strips 2.5 wide of the 3 different shades of colors.   My purples and blues needed to be darker.. but I just went with what I had, not knowing what the final steps/or finished top would look like.

Meanwhile I cleaned up the quilting area, matched some backing fabric with tops I have done for the Abuse Center..  Then just generally dreamed up some more tops…   It’s fun to look thru P-interest for  inspiration.    I was up so late surfing the web, that Boomer didn’t wait up for me…

boomer sleepingfalling asleep in my recline… At least He doesn’t snore!

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Feeling like my Ol’ Self

DSCN8215Out on the deck (back yard)  we have 2 large raised beds full of “salad” makings and 2 smaller planters of herbs.   I had the 2 week cough, ache and fever  after getting my right eye surgery done.   It really sapped my energy..  Not a lot got done that I wanted.. Just now getting back to the follow up check in with the eye doc  (27th at 10:40 a.m.)

DSCN8216The tomato plants are putting on flowers and thus I will have Fresh Tomatoes for my kitchen.  *I have 3 tomatoes plants and several pepper plants in these large planters.

Thankfully DD#2 supports my NEED to get in the dirt and grow something.   Yup, I’m still that ol country gal with the straw hat and bare feet.  If  we had the land, I’d be raisin’ chickens and milkin’ cows.   (Well, maybe not that cow thing, it’s a lot more involved, than just getting a  cow: that cow has to be PG…And I hate to have & give up a baby just to have fresh milk)   But the Chickens??  Heck YEaH.. that chicken poo is a gardener’s gold!!   Plus you get EGGS..

But alas, I’m a city gal now and must remember to let go of the dirt, poo and bare feet.    Got all dressed up ( Hey, I clean up pretty good!!)   to go to a Shower for an expectant Mom..  Part of the large K Clan.   IMG_20160618_144335965The quilt I made and gave .. it’s called Traveler since that design is the “around the world”.     Yup she is having a little girl.   And a very nice Shower..   I enjoyed being a little part in it all.    Thank You  for the invite.   And for giving this quilt a good home.


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I can SEE you!!

Had my right eye cataract removed and have recovered from that.   It isn’t a knock you down and squash you type surgery.. You walk in, have it done and Walk out!!   A bit mushed up, but you can function.    I came home, ate something and went to sleep.   It’s the after effects of the Drugs.   Then, I always sleep when I don’t feel 100%.   462016 cataract sugeryThis pic is from the left eye surgery.   No photos for the Right.   I’m still under the influence of those wonderful drugs..   Love todays medicine!!

Called my friend Lisa (live2craft2) and she is doing much better.   Had some rough days lately and then had to put down her fur baby… But she wants to Long Arm quilt for me.   I donate quilts to the local Abuse Center and she has been God Sent to help me out.   And as she puts it…”I get to practice  my quilting skills”.    It’s a win-win situation for us both. She was thrilled to learn I had 5 or 6 ready for quilting.  We plan to meet up this Tues evening.DSCN8176I found some time to play with all the orphan blocks that were sent to me.. and believe me they are really gorgeous.. only I have to redo this one block.. it got all wonky.  I really need it to fill out a quilt.. otherwise I’d just have More Orphans!.     So apart it came..and it now sits at the machine waiting for me to get it all back together.   Thankfully I remembered to take a pic and won’t get lost in wondering how it has to go back together.

someone is behind meDid ya ever get that feeling someone was staring at you??

These two make me laugh!!    They are on my bed for a nap every afternoon.  Sometimes it gets a little crowded, but they seem to be getting along  in this photo and soon both were sound asleep.

Got to get a move on..  Memorial day and I’m still on the “recovery” list around here.   DD#2 & her hubby are letting me “rest”.    So I’m quite content to laze around and get waited on.   Getting all those drops in my eye is my only concern for now.

June 1’st is the local quilting guild meeting.   I gotta go since there is a “trunk show”.   Maybe I can get a few pics this time.

This was from last month’s meeting.  Those are pineapple squares  that are only 2 inches in size…Mickey Mowry from Wisconsin is going to break a lot of records and win lots of ribbons with this one!!   She does the tiniest blocks I’ve ever seen.IMG_20160504_192521531Til next time Live Well, Laugh Often and Love deeply.      GRANNY

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sickies and yard animals

2016 spring apples N squirrelBoth the kids have been home, under my feet and coughing A lot!!   I fixed their favorite comfort food and took a walk outside to let the germs escape from ME.    We have the Turtle (iron)  next to the fountain out front to encourage a few little critters to stop by for a visit.   The birds sure love the water!!    Sure enough the grey squirrels stop by daily for some apple peel and corn.     I pulled a few weeds and checked the planters  (I planted potatoes in them)    Sure enough the little potatoes are poking up green shoots already.

I’ve been staring at the Fabric for the Vintage quilt and getting antsy to put it together —Pink is the backing, Green is the border, and blue for the binding.    I’ve got a roll of batting, so perhaps this week end I can get it sandwiched .   Still got to clean off the treadle machine and fill the bobbins so I can use it to quilt with.

vintage fabs

But the Ghastley quilt is in the way… so I’m hand sewing on it everyday.  Not even half way yet, but getting there.   This week end I need to get more thread.. went thru 10 6 ply (broke down to 3) DMC embroidery floss skeins so far.     Will take a lot more before I’ve finished this one.

hand qlting

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Rain, Rain, Rain

big dog dutyAll we can do is sit and watch it come down.    This is the type of rain that makes things grow, so we can only hope everything we planted will soon be popping up out of the ground.

Mother’s day came and went.. got to spend a few hours with the Other Mom.. The Blind leading the Blind.

IMG_20160508_133623379Just learned today that the Other Mom.. is in the hospital.   Getting checked out since all her blood work and doctor’s visit showed she’s got some major problems happening with her kidney’s.    This getting old business isn’t for the faint of heart.   I do hope they find the problem and fix it!!

Went shopping and got the backing, border and binding for the Vintage quilt..  I missed getting the photo of it all stacked up together.. so will have to charge the battery and get to clicking.    But At least I can get to work on that quilt.. Hope to get it together for the August Quilt Show.

Speaking of Quilts, I did go to the May Meeting and joined the Quilt Guild here in Peoria.  Gems of the Prairie.     They have a very large show every year.   I’m hoping they have a Vintage section for show and tell…  Cause I’m gonna show off the Great’s  Quilt and sewing skills.   LOL.    Otherwise I don’t know what I’ll put in the show.   My quilting skills are not that great!!


Back to watching the rain… adding an extra blanket to the bed since it’s gonna get down in the lower 50s this week end… brrrr.


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put the peddle to the metal.

my peddle machine w log cabin blocksI practiced with the log cabin blocks before going for the vintage ones..  All went well with the first two rows, so I switched over to putting the vintage blocks together.. Using the Antique treadle sewing machine

flimsy vintage vintage blocks together... Hey!  DD#1.  here are some more pics to help you choose the backing for me.  Watcha think??     The August quilt show is sneaking up on me… so let me know soon if not tomorrow.

My Orphan Blocks are pouring in from some really wonderful ladies at Missouri Star Quilt Company dot com.   In todays box–  

  1.  Just one single block that measured 14×14  in pastels.  Very appropriate for a baby boy.   I’m making it bigger by just adding strips to the sides.. The box/gifter sent lots of pastel strips along with this block.
  2. I sorted the fabric by colors/season/holidays.    There is some beautiful fall & lots of browns to do some strip piecing.   I love “scrappy looking” quilts and these should make a great quilt for the fall.
  3.  Huge embroidery blocks with white background.    ??   still stumped as to putting them together.   Looking for a great color to sash each block.
  4. Miscellaneous blocks and fabrics…. they will join the other orphans that are sorted into   colors/season/holiday piles.

Whew,  I told ya these gals are generous!!     Got so many ideas running around in my head after playing with the Orphans!!

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