snow day

keeping warm2015Yes, warm is the key word around here today… with another 3 inches of snow on the ground from last night and more coming on Sunday, we definitely need to stay warm.   I have about 6 more blocks of the Dresden plate to finish up before I can start putting it together.   It’s just an “in between” quilt.

By “in between”, I mean a quilt that got put aside for something higher up on the LIST  and I’ll get to it in between other quilts.    I’ve had this one since Thanksgiving of last year and it was a kit with everything in pieces..   Therefore, it has taken me for ever to get this far.   I loose interest way too fast, but don’t want to forget it altogether.   Thus, I keep a few pieces laying out to work on when I get tired of the latest quilt.. Going back and forth, I eventually get them both done.

And It helps to have a Supervisor around to remind me..

Boss cat2015

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Seeing stars

Making a few stitches each day…only have about 1/4  of the quilting left to do… then I can start worrying about how to finish with borders..  And use up the rest of the scraps from this line of fabric.   I’m seeing stars….quilting HS frontback HS quilting

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stitching & stitching

DSCN7585 DSCN7586

Am working at the quilting part for my Hunter’s Star.   The back is starting to take on the pattern of the stars on the front.  I should have had this all done and started on the borders, but Life gets in the way of good intentions.    I still have to do the hunt for all my stencils to use on the borders.  Can’t think of where I put them when I cleaned up this past Christmas.    Hummmmm???

Reactions to medication and their ugly side effects took away my momentum and I’ve had to stop taking one of the pills.  Has taken me a couple of days to re cooperate from all the medicinal side effects.

Good news; the tissue samples that were taken during the endoscopy came back negative for Cancer and negative for a bacterial infection.     So it has to be another strict diet and am hoping to try a natural remedy that will neutralize/reduce the acid.


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sandwiched mainThis is the main body of my Hunter’s Star quilt.  3×3 large 17 inch blocks.   Which makes the BODY  around 51 inches by 51 inches..   It’s layered, pinned and ready for Quilting “all over the body”.    Also known as a SANDWICH.

I decided to just do a meandering stitch over all the blocks.   Like a hunter searching for “game”.       Tomorrow I’ll set up my home machine and get started.

Meanwhile I leave you with this image of my Sewing Supervisor … I can’t hand sew without her checking out what I am doing.

quality control


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One step Forward–

The first layout using the lighter blue/white blocks.   bad blks

Nope, just not doing it for me..  great fabric, but this pattern really calls for just 2 fabrics.. A dark/colored and white/neutral.  The outlined area is just wrong for this pattern.   Since I had a Fat Quarter bundle, I wanted to use it as my test  quilt.  I was able to get 2 sets out of each fat quarter.     DSCN7574

Yes!! Much better.   I will enlarge this 3/3 row quilt with wider borders and it will work out just fine.   Now that is how I like to make progress.     I do have 3 blocks left over that I will use elsewhere or for a smaller project.

On the home front, the endoscopy went well.   I have a couple areas on the esophagus that was biopsied and am awaiting the results.   It looks like an ulcer at the Barrett’s scared area.. and I’ve gotten enough pain meds to help me remain sane and active.   One step forward… or just taking it one day at a time.


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It’s been slow going getting these blocks squared/trimmed.  They measure 8.75 at this point.. The template wasn’t very accurate to make a 9.5 block, so Improv time.    I starched them real heavy, pressed and still didn’t have that 9 inch I was hoping for.. It will work out, just have to jump a few Hurdles and Make Do.  DSCN7568I had to eliminate some of the really light/lo contrast blocks.. and will save them for a “soft” quilt project I have on my to do list.

Had a consult with Dr. today on all this debilitating pain I’ve been suffering with.  Just can’t do much without the pain level kicking my butt.   Anyhow, tomorrow (28th)   I’ll have an endoscopy done to check on the Barrett’s Esophageal Syndrome.  Years of GERD left a lot of scar tissue from all the acid in the stomach bubbling up and they want to keep a check on it…

If nothing unusual there, we will see Dr. Crawford, and check out a possibility of scar tissue adhering to the visceral wall.   (scar tissue grows into the lining of the abdominal wall and there can be a bunch of nerves that don’t like it there).   Hoping I’m on my way to being pain free again.    Thankfully we have great drugs these days…and I can get relief with one little pill.

Meanwhile, this is the next step.. sewing four blocks together to form the “star”.  Then they will go up on the design wall for me to arrange in some form that makes sense and looks good 

DSCN7571Will be back in a day or two to let ya know how the body is holding up.. Meanwhile, it’s bed time and I’m ready to collapse.

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A little paper work


Had a couple of Birthdays to recognize this past week.    And I love playing with paper.    Got out my die cuts and went to work… Paper Work.

First a little something for a quilting friend. DSCN7554

Next come a young man… who doesn’t have close family to help him celebrate.  He works with DD#2.    Hope he is a little outdoorsy  …DSCN7556

Meanwhile, back to the sewing machine.   Tomorrow I start the squaring up and placing the blocks on the design wall…




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