late night sewing

I found a tut on making rope baskets.. just raw clothes line rope sewn into these nice size baskets…  rope bowl 1

Thus when I couldn’t get to sleep Tues night, I decided to give my machine a work out .    It also was a bit of a challenge and  I just had to see if it was as easy others have stated.    It was!!    rope bowl 2Now I have great little baskets for catching some of my clutter..

Just search the net for “rope baskets”   and you’ll find lots of instructions and tutorials.   Pick your favorite and give this idea a try for some unique little gifts that are fast and inexpensive.


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DSCN7649These are the blocks from Great Gram Sadie & Her Sister, Lillie.  All are hand sewn and pieced from their old clothing.   Makes me wonder which were blouses and which were skirts/ dresses?

I will be putting blocks of white between each as laid out here on my design board.     Nothing new, right?

Well how about doing it with this baby.??  Treadle


She’s a beautiful treadle: just like the one I learn to sew with back in the day… early 1950’s.    And I needed to “relearn”  all it’s ins and outs… bobbin winding, working my feet, and tools for quilting.   Making sure she is well oiled is #1

The videos I need to watch to get started…. Treaddling.

It is time to challenge myself and review stuff I think I’ve forgotten.. hope some of it comes back to me quickly.   I just feel it’s time to touch those long ago days and remember what it felt like NOT to have any electricity.    Imagine, NO ELECTRICITY!! 

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The endoscopy went without a hitch.   I have a tender throat, but cold fluids seem to help that.   Ulcer is gone… so I will continue with the same diet and meds.   Check up in 1 year to be sure everything is still good.

So I got to work on a little knitting project.   I knit from the top down.. and this is knitted on #13 usa needles.   When finished it will be a sweater for me.   I get chilled easily so I make my Sweaters and Shawls..  Vests are another quick cover up when you get a chill, esp in the Winter!


And I am listening to book 4 of the Empire’s Corp Series.   Yes, I am a Si-Fi fan.   I think there are about 2 or 3 more books in this series.   Love my ebook and books.   I get a Free book every month.





And I have a bunch of these blocks put together for that quilt My youngest GS wanted.. last year!   His favorites colors are the greens.    The lightest color is a mint green and graduates to the darker blue/green.     I still have 12 more blocks to make for a really big quilt, since My GS is still growing and will top out at almost 7 feet.   (he is already 6′ 1″ at age 14 )cntrBindingTool


Off to bed – can’t have any more excuses to be a lazy bum around here.   I’ve not had to do much for the past few days.. just puttering around the house and making messes in my sewing area..

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I’m sorry for not getting back here in a timely manner.   I hate it when I go to a blog I follow and find nothing new for over a week or two…  even tho I know life gets in the way, it still erks me.    Now I’ve done the thing that I dislike…  Sorry.

These are reasons and not excuses for not being here.   I hope you will understand.. First I am human and often get more involved with myself than thinking of others.   Selfishness.    birdsOh, look!   there’s a bird.

I do get really tired and that happens very often… age and trying to heal an ulcer.   Often I will just do too much and sit down to rest a bit then fall asleep for over a hour or 2…often 3 or 4 hours.   And I can still go to bed and sleep at night.


Inspiration often fails me and I don’t want to get boring??   Well, it is boring when nothing new is happening around me.   I am still working on the quilt I’ve told you about all this month…. not making progress at all.   Waiting on fabric I ordered for the top / header.quilting HS front

Then, too, I get really scattered brained… jumping from one project to another.  Nothing falling into place and I can’t make sense of any one thing I am doing, except It feels good to jump into a new thing.    Unable to decide where to take this train of thought or project,  I walk away and can’t get back to the point where I left.     I think that makes me human, a woman, and a poor blogger.

disappearn 4 patch

There you have it… and is there any cure?    Nope, I am what I am and will probably do it again and again… 28 stacks

Esp. since I have another endoscopic exam due this Monday (13th).    Tho they are generally a simple procedure, It takes me a couple  days to recover from the general anesthesia… talk about a fuzzy head.. I have one afterwards!!

But Spring is here!!  and I plan on sitting outside and soak up some RAYS… Good ol vitamin D!   This is why you won’t see me here for days and days.. daffieslilliesGotta get some gardening done.. and new plants in the ground……..

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It’s ME!!

DSCN7663“I am ready to be petted and scratched…. No excuses!! ”

I have this jumping on my lap and there is no ignoring her!!   She won’t go away and just keeps rubbing and “kitty massaging”  me until she gets what she wants.

Week end and  I probly won’t get back til Monday.


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getting the “stink eye”

DSCN7667OK, Smudge,  I have been on the computer a bit much tonight.. and not paying you attention..   I am sorry, but there is a sale!!     It’s a bargain!!

“You want something  to eat?”


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My Desk……

to do listMy desk is looking pretty junky today, so I think it is time to get some of my Toys put away..   Sizzex dies for card making and scrapbook pages are out til I  use each one for some spring cards.   Got a couple of birthdays in April – both are guys..

I printed out a couple of quilt patterns for my Friend who will be here this week end.  Her first lesson in quilting is about to begin.   I am keeping it simple and printed off some quilt tops I knew to go together fast!!

And there are a couple of bills that need to be paid.     Yup they are still coming in from some procedure I had in January.   I can see why it is so easy for a few double dipping happening.   I kinda watch my medical bills and have caught 3 or 4 double billings back in the late 90’s.   Nothing lately tho…… so my faith in the medical people is renewed.

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