2 quad blocksMaking a quilt for a special person in our lives… this photo is of 2 blocks for her quilt.   I do have all the blocks done with sashing in between.   Just haven’t had time to take any more photos.     Maybe once I get some other smaller projects done and have room to sandwich and quilt it, I will be able to get some pictures taken.

This coming week is full of  doctors appointments, scans and tests for DD.   Our next phase/step in her cancer treatment will be surgery.   Looking at the 27 or 28th for the consult and then we will have a date.


I’ve been in a funk lately.. just going thru the motions of life and trying to go forward after a  “blast from the past”  came along and sent me on a trip down  memory lane and all the emotions that went with it.    I went thru a very hard time when I lost my eyesight and had no one but myself to  get me thru it.   The one person I needed and wanted wasn’t  there.   Didn’t hear my cry for help or didn’t understand ..   Whatever–  I got thru it with the help of New Friends.

There is too much going on now and in the future that I want to be a part of.    My needs and self esteem come first..   I like myself to much to just accept a part time/ whenever relationship.     Its all in or all out  deal with me.

life is a hwy


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Last round!!


The next few days will be miserable for DD, but this is the last round of chemo and we will have time to adjust to the next phase.. Which will be surgery.   The dark circles and flushed cheeks are typical for DD, so we are not too concerned.

Progress comes at a price.  Thankfully the family & friends come thru with things to keep her spirits up  and help mark this milestone… How about some Flowers??

last chemoflwrsHer Father (in Florida) sent this!!   It put a smile on her face that lasted for hours.. in fact, they sit in the “place of honor”   Kitchen table… so every time you walk by.. you know someone really loves ya.   (and it helps detract from all the medication.

place o honorIt really is wonderful to see how much this one little act helped lift her out of the funk and makes the side effects easier to bare..  Esp since it is the last round.   Next comes the full body scan and surgery.


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My Grandmother (allie maude Simpson/Hasty/ Johnson)  passed in 1965 and is buried in Havana, Illinois.   During her last year  of life she was sick and unable to take care of herself, let alone do any sewing.     She loved her “boys”  so when she chose to do a quilt for one of them  her colors, exp the background, was in blue.    gma quilt circa 1964 gmas qlt backShe used a machine to piece all the Octagons together then all the Quilting was done by hand. Just looking at this one and touching it conjures many memories of the summers I spent with her as I grew up.   I can’t express how happy I am to have ONE of her many quilts.  The others were sold to help pay for her final expenses and she didn’t  put a label on  any of them… so this one will get a label and be greatly loved and cherished.    Thanks to my “evil”  Cousin Donna!!  I’m calling this one Allie’s Garden… in memory of our Grandmother.

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one more time…..

Yes, one more round of Chemo..   Part of the Journey is almost over with then we can move on to the Next phase.    Pet scan and surgery after a 3 week recovery period from the chemo.   It may be longer for the surgery, but we know that is the next step.    So keep the cards and calls coming.  This is one long, hard journey.

So far we have done good with all the side effects.. suffered thru them with help from a lot of medication.   Thankfully no extra germs snuck in and caused more problems.    (knock on wood).

I continue with the fixing meals and hovering.   I then cleaned out an old file cabinet and will be burning a lot of confidential items and letting go of old memories.   It’s lightening the load.

I did finish GS#3s quilt, the binding star pattern found at Missouri Star Quilt Company.    And started the Quatrefoil .

working on Quads

Looks like a lot of little pieces, but not too bad once you get the smaller units together.    I am using the Fresh Lilac fabric from RJR.. 1 quad blockFirst make the corner 4 pack.   Then make the 4 middle pieces.. and one 4.5 center piece.. ta da!!   You have your block..   One down  a lot more to go!!   I don’t have any idea how big it will be… I am just making the blocks for now and when I run out of the layer cake (10 inch blocks cut into 4.5 inch blocks)  I will quit and lay it all out.   There MUST be sashing between each block.     So, I guess it is a wee bit time consuming.

Still waiting for the promised quilt  that my Grandmother made.. It is In the Mail!!!     ?????   ok,  I’m stalking the mail person every day.   Hoping I get it this week..  (only 2 more days of the week left)     Cousins!!!   Love ’em and their sense of humor…  I only have about 84 of them.

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As days go by

We are thru the worst part following chemo therapy.. the acute symptoms are fading but the GI tract is still affected.   The foods are more bland and smaller amounts  served.   DD#2 is getting them down, tho she tells us she has lost 9 more lbs.    Eye drops have helped with the tearing and dry eyes.   The dark circles are still under her eyes and I know she is so tired  now.    Thus I have food ready and the animals fed when she gets home from work so she can just eat and rest.   Yes, she went to work on Tues and is going to finish out this week…. no matter how tired she gets.


Myself, I hang in here trying to lighten her load.   Tomorrow  I will start doing up the laundry that has been forgotten.    Somehow it always piles up!!   My Fitbit  Says I’m burning calories and   getting in a lot of steps…   Cute little gadget to remind myself to “move it”.    

  ORPHAN BLOCKS-   those blocks of fabric that haven’t found their place in a quilt.     (sent to me by Sandy N from MSQC forum member last year)

DSCN7899The stack of 130 9 patch blocks are trimmed and I’ve started sewing them into a quilt top.   I just cut 6 inch squares from some off white fabric to place in-between each  9 patch and have a simple but colorful top.    The first quilt I ever remember sleeping under was this same pattern.9 patch qlt


The most exciting news I have gotten this week is I am soon to have in MY possession a quilt that MY Grandmother made.     I don’t have a clue as which one or what pattern it is.. My Cousin just sent me a message on Facebook that she was sending me a quilt that our Gram had made.    “look for it in a few days”.   (coming from Colorado)      The suspense is getting to me…. I catch myself looking out the front window several times a day…and early evening.   No tracking number, no message of who is delivering it regular mail or the brown truck service.. That Cousin is evil, I tell you,, just evil. 

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Round 5, the beginning

Lab work done yesterday and all results are good for this next round of Chemo.  Today at 9 a.m.   she’ll be getting “plug” in with all the iv meds.. and I’ll see her after 4 or 5 hours.

We finally got all of her hair cut off so it will grow back evenly… That guy from the Crypt or Beetlejuice had competition there for thinnest, wispiest hair do.   DD had them both beat.     All  the meds for the side effects are handy, plus she now gets eye drops and Vit B12 shots 3 days after the chemo….

DSCN7785     I cleaned and whipped down all frequently handled surfaces yesterday and this morning I shut off the air and opened all the windows to exchange some stale air for Fresh!!   It’s nice and cool outside..  a perfect day to air out the house.

Pepper the Australian Sheppard Mix has a left ear infection now, so it was doctoring it- cleaned out and drops added.   DSCN3292


I’m doing better, but still not 100% with my balance.  It’s gonna take awhile longer I guess.  Getting older and slower at EVERYTHING…

Got a pot of soup working for those days when the appetite isn’t too good.. and the sore innards need something  soothing.   Lots of veggies and protein with cream sauce.

Gotta get back to work on the quilting part of the Grandson’s Christmas/Birthday gift this year.   we are over 1/2 way done..   And already I am thinking about the next quilt I want to do for a special person.

I finally found out their favorite colors and ordered the fabric yesterday..   It will be a Big quilt for a Queen size bed.. so It will be a few months before I get it done.     Quadrafoil pattern      I loved it the first time I saw this tutorial .     It will hard to part with this one…. I happen to like the Lilac with green & purple, too!!

Well, we are off and got a good start on this day!!   Plus lots of Fresh Air inside the house.

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good week, bad week

imagesCAB1ZN5DThis was me the past few days.. got an inner ear infection from falling asleep in front of the fan.   Air blowing in my ear that doesn’t have an ear drum.. lost it as a kid in an accident.     So I wasn’t having a very good week.

Otherwise DD was having her “good” week.    I’ll be well just as she needs to start another round of Chemo.   #5 coming up this Tues ( Aug 4th)    She said she isn’t looking forward to it, but knows it is helping kill off the cancer cells.    I think she will look forward to that 6th round as it will be her last.

We haven’t learned what the next step is in her treatment.. a talk with the surgeon is  coming up and we will know more then…   I’ll be letting you all know what the “plan” is as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, taking the antibiotics, steroids and  motion sickness pills as ordered on Monday.. and getting better slowly.    I did do some quilting on Grandson #3’s quilt.   Just a meandering, all over stitch, but it works for me!!

cntrBindingTool This is the center of His quilt….. and it goes on and on and on……. The pattern is called   “binding tool quilt”.      I love it and have another one in mind in another color; with the black ground fabric.      Let’s see if I can get this  one done before his birthday in Dec.    I seem to be getting slower lately.    LOL.

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