my rope bowls..

I needed something to catch and sort left over fabrics.    So the craze began !!  I love these bowls.     I made several small ones and gifted them.   DD#2 got the most since I used colored thread when I put a few together.    I just wanted to see what a color would do..   Since she gathered them up and took them to work, I didn’t get any photos.   Maybe I can convince her to let me have a photo shoot… better yet, she could do a photo shoot for me.   Each of these large bowls took 2 and 3 packages of rope…… And I can still dye them  and turn them into BAGS.

large bowlsI am not doing a tutorial on these as there are gobs of them on U tube.  

If you click  on the U tube.. it will show you just one way to make a rope basket/bowl.   My largest is an oval at 15x 10.   You can add handles  or or other decorations.    I just had fun with a basic shape and bought out all the clothes line rope at Wally World, (again).

start RBowlI started out with this little u shape, then kept sewing around and around in circles… *** this is definitely the hardest part***  just getting started..

Had so much fun, I bought 10 more packages of rope… (get the kind you can sew on your machine.   Set your stitch to the widest zig-zag setting)     Have Fun!!

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light bulb moment

I was doing my usual “link clicking”  when I saw a couple of USA state block.

“Ding, Ding, a DING!”    Heritage quilt idea.  My maternal Grandmother was from Nebraska and My Grandfather from Illinois.


This is a large block named Nebraska.. around 21 inches.     I found a pdf file which has all the instruction and sizes for each piece.



Then I found the pdf file for a block called  Illinois…

why not put a lot of Illinois blocks around that big Nebraska one??      I know I will have to stew on this for a while.. and maybe add a few more “states”.. but the seed has been planted.       I’m ruminating on it………   Granny


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Sweater weather….

tough guyWe got our sweaters on and keeping each other warm……

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Wednesday Design Board

design wall jan2016Yup, it’s blank… and that’s where my next quilt is going for now.  No new ideas for now; Thus we are NO WHERE!

sashquilting I’m still working on the Quadrifoil Quilt… scheduled to be done for Feb 16.. the birthday of the recipient .  All the blocks are quilted and I’m just going over the sashing with a straight stitch.    This is a large double bed size quilt, so it is taking me forever to get it done..   I can’t sew for very long these days.  To much pain in my shoulders.    A couple rows a day and it should be ready to bind by this next week.

DSCN8048Boomer has been doing a lot of this with the temps below freezing.   There is a pet heating pad inside…    He also likes to take a nap with Mocha in the front room in the evenings. nap timeWe are just keeping warm and slowing way down…  It is Hibernation Weather  right now.  Hope February is warmer or we find more energy.

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Froggin’ time

oct2015 quilting QuatrifoilI caught a great big problem when quilting a row of blocks.   Of course it was after I got thru with the whole row… the backing fabric got bunched up under the blocks… and I was sewing 4 and 5 layers instead of the 3.    I spend the day frogging the blocks – all 5 of them.

I reset my machine  and took the rest of the day off.   It is so discouraging  to mess up a whole row.. but now I am back on track although a day or 2 later than where I wanted to be.

I got a great ON LINE gift card from ???   – no name on it.. and I haven’t cashed it in as yet.    DD#2 got it tracked down as to whom sent it.    Thank YOU Janet L.    You know I will use it!!!    (it’s to a quilting store).

DSCN8029Smudge is checking out the lava lamps … she loves to swat the lava as it flows up out of the bottom…

January is going along as expected… no outside stuff getting done since it is around freezing temps.    Christmas décor is put away and we are settling into a uneventful routine.  No resolutions this year.. we just want everyone healthy.

DD#2 only has about 3 more radiation treatments left.. her skin is starting to heal and the pain level is more manageable.   More Tylenol and less narcotics.   Her hair is growing out nicely and she could probably go without a “hat”.   But in this cold weather, she’d rather wear one for warmth than looks.   Still doesn’t want any pictures taken, but she is going to get a few done when she’s not actually aware of MOM’s CAMERA.

Hope your January is as full of promise as ours… GRANNY

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After Holiday Plans

vintage topPaternal side: Great Gram Sadie & Great Aunt Lillie’s blocks with white filler blocks.    DD#1 is sending me more of their hand sewn blocks so that I can make a larger quilt.

DSCN7652They made lots of blocks together.. sewing a few each evening after Dinner was over and kitchen cleaned.

qlt blksggma sadie & gauntlillieA stack of 25 blocks came to me.. they finish out around 6″ each.   DD#1 has 25 more…sharons blockSo we decided to put them together for one large quilt..  And I will have the privilege  of making the top with all these vintage blocks.     I am thinking of using my 1901 peddle  machine to do all the sewing on this one.   I just need to get thru New Years and then put away all the Holiday decorations…


That is how I start planning my next quilt…

  1. checking what I have in my stash.
  2. choosing something I really want to see how it will look when finished.
  3. Make sure I have all materials needed to complete this project
  4. Do some shopping when I can’t find needed items for this project
  5. Make a List.. Check it twice!!
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This week (before Christmas)

dec 2015 sewingI have 2 quilts to finish before the big day….. I don’t know if I will get them done.    My sewing room is cluttered with last minute projects.   I may run over into gifting these for New Years…

George's quiltEsp this one can be given after Christmas.. It’s a co-worker of DD#2 who donated over 100 hours to her as she goes thru her cancer treatments.   Only 6 more radiations left on her journey and the worse part of the journey will be over.

YES,  SHE IS GLOWING!!   Ugly looking burn marks on her upper torso, neck and back.    I almost cry each time I look at her..  She says it isn’t as bad as the chemo treatments, just itchy and like a sun burn.    Still I wonder what tissue is being destroyed underneath those burns.      Just feels very tired right now.  So She has taken the rest of the week off from her work.

The Kitchen sink developed a leak where everything drains out/off.   And we had a big mess to clean up in the basement.   A lot of John’s Harley shirts were soaked and the concrete floor had a puddle to mop up.   Today (22) the plumber will be here to fix it.   (this is the 3rd time this month that darn pipe under the sink has come apart)    So a professional was called in hopes of getting a permanent solution to stop the leak.   No more DIY’s for this problem.

plarn rugThe Plarn (plastic yarn)  projects are done,  Made 4 of these oval mats for the Co workers who wanted them.   They donated the plastic bags (groceries bags) so that I could get them made.    And I still have enough to make 2 or 3 more.  (after the holidays)    I just crochet these with a very large hook.. they work great in a laundry area, bathroom mat or to an entrance where a lot of muck is tracked in.  You can hose them off, or throw them away… (and then beg me to make you another one).memorial pepper2015

We got Pepper’s ashes back from the Vet.. and  She will join the cat’s on our special memorial shelve.  I included some back ground decoration in this shot to  have a visual reminder of the date of passing.   I have a scrapbook of just her that I will be finishing up and giving to DD.

And I’ll leave you with this shot of Boomer playin possum … he didn’t want to get up this morning.. And he  doesn’t want to go out side …    His ears are sticking up, so I know he isn’t sleeping…  He is laying in bed watching me as I am here on the computer.  Sneaky!!  playin possom 12 2015

Hope your Days before Christmas are full of fun and loving thoughts, lots of gifts and hugs from loved ones.     Hope to get back before the 25’th, but don’t count on it.   I am getting slower and easily distracted these days.   GRANNY

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