Round 5, the beginning

Lab work done yesterday and all results are good for this next round of Chemo.  Today at 9 a.m.   she’ll be getting “plug” in with all the iv meds.. and I’ll see her after 4 or 5 hours.

We finally got all of her hair cut off so it will grow back evenly… That guy from the Crypt or Beetlejuice had competition there for thinnest, wispiest hair do.   DD had them both beat.     All  the meds for the side effects are handy, plus she now gets eye drops and Vit B12 shots 3 days after the chemo….

DSCN7785     I cleaned and whipped down all frequently handled surfaces yesterday and this morning I shut off the air and opened all the windows to exchange some stale air for Fresh!!   It’s nice and cool outside..  a perfect day to air out the house.

Pepper the Australian Sheppard Mix has a left ear infection now, so it was doctoring it- cleaned out and drops added.   DSCN3292


I’m doing better, but still not 100% with my balance.  It’s gonna take awhile longer I guess.  Getting older and slower at EVERYTHING…

Got a pot of soup working for those days when the appetite isn’t too good.. and the sore innards need something  soothing.   Lots of veggies and protein with cream sauce.

Gotta get back to work on the quilting part of the Grandson’s Christmas/Birthday gift this year.   we are over 1/2 way done..   And already I am thinking about the next quilt I want to do for a special person.

I finally found out their favorite colors and ordered the fabric yesterday..   It will be a Big quilt for a Queen size bed.. so It will be a few months before I get it done.     Quadrafoil pattern      I loved it the first time I saw this tutorial .     It will hard to part with this one…. I happen to like the Lilac with green & purple, too!!

Well, we are off and got a good start on this day!!   Plus lots of Fresh Air inside the house.

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good week, bad week

imagesCAB1ZN5DThis was me the past few days.. got an inner ear infection from falling asleep in front of the fan.   Air blowing in my ear that doesn’t have an ear drum.. lost it as a kid in an accident.     So I wasn’t having a very good week.

Otherwise DD was having her “good” week.    I’ll be well just as she needs to start another round of Chemo.   #5 coming up this Tues ( Aug 4th)    She said she isn’t looking forward to it, but knows it is helping kill off the cancer cells.    I think she will look forward to that 6th round as it will be her last.

We haven’t learned what the next step is in her treatment.. a talk with the surgeon is  coming up and we will know more then…   I’ll be letting you all know what the “plan” is as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, taking the antibiotics, steroids and  motion sickness pills as ordered on Monday.. and getting better slowly.    I did do some quilting on Grandson #3’s quilt.   Just a meandering, all over stitch, but it works for me!!

cntrBindingTool This is the center of His quilt….. and it goes on and on and on……. The pattern is called   “binding tool quilt”.      I love it and have another one in mind in another color; with the black ground fabric.      Let’s see if I can get this  one done before his birthday in Dec.    I seem to be getting slower lately.    LOL.

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This is as normal as we get…..

10356407_10152327848832740_5195718247100562842_nOr as DD#2 says… Chemo Brain has struck.      At least work is easy this week.  No math involved in mixing solutions.   Everything is written down.

I am just a bit tired,  worn thin as Gram used to say.   I never did understand that phrase, til recently.   It means physically tired as well as emotionally.    Old friends and relatives have  “put in their appearance”  then forgot to keep in touch.    Now is when one realizes just WHO really cares and will stick by you and those who do it  for “show”.     Oh, you know who YOU are…. no cards, no phone calls, no actions that follow thru on your “caring” words.    Feeling guilty??   Well, if the shoe fits!!      Don’t just sit there, pick up the phone or send a card!!   This Journey is NOT OVER … There is still a lot more to deal with..

2 more rounds of chemo, 6 weeks left of poisoning before we know what the next step of this journey will be.   Surgery?   Radiation?     Neither choice is great, but necessary if we are going to beat this Cancer.       liz2014

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Depression or just fed up

271186968059_1_0_1I’m not sure just where DD#2 is coming from today.. Her morning was filled with errands.   Dog #1 to vet with Hubby driving.    Then Driving me to the store for a grub run… but she is totally exhausted and “depressed”??   Just tired of it all.    I made her go lay down and let me bring in & put away the groceries.

Her Hubby had to go mow his mother’s 3 acres and then come in to get the old bed/mattress  out so the new one can be delivered.   She was a bit needy and went back to sleep after “he” fixed her a sandwich.    The Thrush is back and nothing tastes good.    (**except something sweet**)  I hate those dark circles under her eyes…  but that is the price we pay to get rid of her cancer.

I think a delivery of flowers would help;  A card or  just a really long nap??    She was hoping to go to work tomorrow..    Maybe half a day?     But it is taking longer for her to recover from the Chemo.. She hates feeling “nasty”   or “bad”.



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A disappearing 4 patch

DSCN7875I finally got this top done.. the pattern is called “disappearing 4 patch”.   I started off with a charm pack.. (5″ squares)   And I learned just how important that 1/4 seam is with this pattern.  Then it was matching all  those  intersections!!   Yowzer!!  Patience and going slow made this easier to put together..

DD slept most of the day.. eating small meals and taking her pills was about all the energy she had today.     Maybe tomorrow will be better.    We still have  plenty of soup on hand   Some Tuna/noodle casserole, watermelon and Jello.   Her hubby brought home candy bars….for her sweet cravings.

He is off to the Harley Ride  for “Saving the TaTa’s ”   They are predicting over a couple thousand riders will be participating.  At $20.00  for each rider ,   That’s a lot of  Ta Ta saving!!

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Round #4

We begin the 4 th round of Chemo.    I think I have enough things ready for DD#2 to eat during this round.   Got a Protein drink we are gonna try this round.   Muscle weakness is still a problem for her, but the knowledge that all this “poison” is working gives us lots of hope.

I did get some sleep and the outside temperature was enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.   ththe weather man said the Heat Index today was 105 F.


Thankfully we have A/C!!!

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cant sleepIt has been an on going problem for me recently..  lay this tired body down and doze off for a few seconds and “pop”   My eyes fly open and there is no sleep for me the rest of the night.      So whom ever is dreaming of me…  stop it!     I need some ZZZZ’s…….

I did get some sewing done on a quilt top.  Cleaned up my computer files and played a few rounds of solitaire.    Finally the sun came up, the kids went off to work and I ran the vacuum.    Now I think I can sleep- gonna give it a try anyhow.


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