Just catching up….

Added these two Mini-Pins to the family July 1st.   Mac N Cheese.  Mac is the brownish red 12 lbs.. Cheese is the black N tan 5 lbs.    This is what happens when you volunteer at a No Kill shelter.  Both are male, fixed and litter mates.  Never been apart in the 4 years since their birth.   Mac has his baby teeth with No “fangs”.    Cheese’s front legs are bowed.     I found out what Puppy Pad trained means….. NOT HOUSE BROKEN.    so the saga of training adult dogs begins….

August found me hunting pyrex, fire king and Norman Rockwell.   I had to have a few  little “extras”.. Love My Glass goodies… If it sparkles, I gotta have it!!

 September found me in Elephant Butte, New Mexico doing  “tourist”  with my Cousin.. we turned another year older and had to do something NEW..  I had my first experience on a jet ski.   We played music together  and did the tube down the Rio Grande river.   It was a 2 hour ride roped together on inner tubes.

No trip near the water is complete til you throw a line in the water and catch up on life with your Sister/Cousin.

And– Mac N Cheese haven’t had any “accidents” in the house for a month.   That was easier than I thought….   


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Farmers Market Baskets

We have gotten a bushel basket of spring garden each week these past 8 weeks.  And I have had to relearn how to “save” them.    There is dehydrating,  blanching and Fermentation  besides canning to consider now.    Leafy greens ( Kale, Arugula, Beet tops, and Spinach) do the best with blanching and freezing.   Fast.. one hour time invested and done.

Fermentation…. Radishes, turnip, cabbage, beets.. and just about any root crop will handle the process and surprise you with wonderful tasting goodies… Actually this is my favorite process for storing root veggies.    I still have to try some pickles.. cucumbers, onions, beets- just to name a few.  Just need to have a large enough jar to cover (and keep covered)  your veggie with a brine ( salt and water).    Make sure you have weighted down the veggies during the whole process.   

All the Herbs we get, I run thru the dehydrator.   Then put them in canning jars.. Pint size.   I guess I could crunch and munch them all up to fit into a smaller jar, but I used what I have and save time by skipping the crunching.   Psst.. looks good on my herb & spice shelf, too.

I am anxiously waiting the next round of Farmer Market goodies.   The Summer & Fall Baskets!!     The challenge is how to preserve everything.   Nothing goes to waste!!   At least I try not to let anything go bad… I hate throwing anything away that has cost us good money.. hard earned money.. time invested paychecks.

Do you hear YOUR granny talking??   Just saying, there is a lot of ways to save $$  and eat good too.

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I’m back!!

Boomer injured his hips by jumping down off of something.. He yelped so loud when I picked him up, that I took him to the vet right away..   He’s drugged up here, and we got some meds to reduce the swelling.. So he was his ol’ self after a week of being carried in and out, lifted up and down, and just making him rest those hips and back legs.    It’s been 2 weeks and you would never have known he was down and out for awhile.

Vet tells me he has arthritis in his spine and try to keep him from jumping off high places.   We have stairs to beds and chairs, but He still doesn’t think to use them.

I have this top done and will be putting on the borders then quilting it here at home.   I haven’t decided what quilting pattern to use when sewing all the layers together as yet, but It will be done soon and I can get to quilting the quilt for my  #1 GD It’s all sandwiched and ready.   I just have to find the time.

Boomer has a new playmate on Thursdays when the cleaning gal comes.   She brings her little girl, Baby, over and they spend time racing around the house.  Then resting in the recliner.  (Just like me.. I love my recliner for those long rest periods.)

Volunteered at Taps today and had to stop and say good day to one of the many great dogs looking for a home.   I think if I had more energy, I’d like to take this one home.. but   I haven’t walked this one yet.   And you don’t really know til ya put a leash on them.   I’ve already walked a couple of cuties and loved on them.  Hope to get more fur luvin’ next week.    Taps Pekin. Facebook    

So it’s off to rest my weary bones and get ready for another day…. Yea, I made it.  Thank you, Jesus!!

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Checking out my fabric..

I really got spoiled with the Texas weather.  It was 78, sunny with a nice breeze.. I come home to rainy , cloudy and colder temps.   I felt lucky if it got to 50 degrees this past week.   Ugh.. My body is screaming, ” what happened?”

But I am getting back into the thing of layering on clothing (and that is just inside the house).   And checking out my fabric for more gifts  and finishes.

An Orphan block quilt.. in blue’s.   I see why these were Orphans.. the center red and brown just didn’t line up.. I just sewed them up anyhow and will add an applique to cover up the “noticeable” problem spots.

How about this wise ol’ owl??  In some blue colors??    Yeah, that’ll work.

Next I have to make a grey, yellow and white quilt for a niece of John’s.. It’s a baby quilt.. My favorite kind to make, since it is smaller and I can do every step of quilting on my NEW Janome.   I love the theme,  You are My Sunshine.    So I ordered the fabric and will get started on that as soon as my fabric arrives.  And the final quilting to be done with a big sun and rays ….??   Or maybe I should just stick with a meandering??     Oh, the patterns are endless..

Whatcha think, Boomer?  Ok, maybe later.. He seems to drifting off into the land of milk bones and squirrels.


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March wedding.

March came in like a lion here in my corner of cyber space…  fabric messes and sorting it by color.   I don’t know if the baskets are a good choice, but it is what I had..And the mail person brought me the invitation to my one and only Grand daughter’s wedding.    She is over 25 so I had given up on her meeting “that guy”.

Well it happened and on the 24th I was down in Texas at her wedding.

That’s my son with the matching hair… It was HIS daughter that started this whole thing of us dressing up and watching / witnessing their vows.   My grandson is just 17 and is a very tall dude.    Of course all the men from my side of the family are over 6 feet.. And the grand paw’s side of the family is also very tall….6 foot plus!!     He is handling his height very well.. and took very good care of this Granny.

Got me some “rays” and Ritz crackers while fishing.

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sorting my scraps

original-blockbruisersquared up the orphan blocks and stacked up next to my machine for some late night sewing.

dscn8512went thru a few bags and baskets to sort  the scraps into colors.. 9 smaller baskets later and I feel a scrappy quilt is in my future..   With another orphan quilt up on the design board, I will keep busy in the coming days.

dscn8513 I don’t keep anything smaller than a 2 inch square.. or 1.5 inch strips.      With all the Jelly rolls I have,  I can mix, match, sash and bind to my hearts content.

I just have to stay organized with my colors and fabrics.

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Procrastinating (again)

Mom23 (Robin) sent me a box of orphans and I am getting back into my fabric stash…  Like let’s sort and get some organization done.   Ran out of those little plastic baskets I love for sorting and storage.  Gotta get back to Big lots!  I have a ton of scraps to get sorted  (by color).

I do have lots of orphans to play with.. but then there are my own quilts I’d love to start or finish up..   dscn8494Love me some polka dots..   That group disappeared from the site.. so I guess we are NOT doing it.   But I wanna!!

1try-carpwheelI need more direction.. esp with this one..   I ran out of that red fabric.

mariners-compass All template work that is fun to play with… I so desperately want to do more of the  Mariner’s Compass.  After all I did buy the templates..

But then I’m still recovering  from a nasty bug.. and wanting to try out some new (to us) meals.   The Bang Bang Shrimp was great!!    And the Breakfast in a jar is going over pretty well.   Butternut Squash Soup is on the menu for this week and there is a roasted Chicken recipe that captured my eye–    So I have to make a plan and quit procrastinating..

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