Decision time…


I’ve agonized long enough over the border for this quilt.
Time for a decision…….


So I searched the internet til I found this serpentine border… but NO CORNER template to match it..border4illusion

So I drew my own corner template to match/compliment the side template..scan0001 It is really rough looking and I had to tweak it, but It looks GREAT with the sides and I have one of a kind quilted corner..


Hopefully I’ll get the sides quilted this week and call this one Done!!   AND DONE!


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Day is done

There was over 60 kiddos with their parents out and about this Halloween.   We gave out a large storage tub/container of candy, plus 40 “toy” bags and 10 tiny peoples rubber toys for the infants in arms.

I mean dd#2 is very generous with “handfuls of candy”.    She did enjoy herself this year!!


dscn8389dscn8390 my-chair too-tired

The animals were exhausted afterwards and took up residence in my room.  One in the chair, the other in the middle of my bed.    Yes indeed we got this day done with extra time to crochet.crochet-blue-doilly

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In My Head

doing-nothingThat is me this past week.    Had doctors appointments & procedures to endure this past week. Also afflicted with another inner ear infection.   Got meds for the ear and doing eye drops after a laser treatment in my right eye.   Am awaiting the results of the endoscopy biopsy.. I have Barrett’s syndrome from my GERD.  That has to be checked every year.     And the inner ear problem has me suffering from dizzy spells.   Can’t find my motion sickness pills… but am getting better.

So my son’s Christmas quilt is on hold.   (can’t show you since it is suppose to be a surprise)

The patriotic blocks got put in  a “to do” box. oct-d-board-patriotic

And the Serenity quilt is laying there waiting for the borders to be sewn on and serenity-illusion-charmsquilted.   Everything is cut out, tho.!!   I have to sew the borders on before I can start the quilting on them.. I was hoping to do the quilting before adding them to the main quilt, but the design won’t allow that.

And I have ordered the Christmas Card Die cuts for this year.   Yup, I have the cards all planned out and will get started making them this next month.

Have you ever gotten a magazine that is full of Recipes!!  Well I get  “living” and it is full of ideas and easy recipes for some unusual ways to prepare plain veggies and meats.    I get hungry just looking at the pictures.   So I did a menu for this  coming week.

Well did you notice all this stuff is done In My Head as I sit around getting over the Endoscopy and ear infection?   Yes, I am quite busy.    


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Getting ready for the Boo Night

It was a beautiful day to take a trip to Tanner’s Orchard.. 30+ miles north of Peoria…

Besides lovely pastries, salsa, syrup and apples, we bought some MUMs.  (flowers- for those who don’t know what MUMs are)


2016-tanners holloween2016mums red-mums yllomumsAnd they are the perfect touch to our out side decorations for this years Trick or Treat perpetrators.    Aren’t the colors this time of year vibrant!!

I did finish a small quilt this past week… the 6 inch Orphan blocks for charity this Christmas.  The quilt is laying on a twin size bed..dscn8366 dscn8367

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octopus pincushions

octopus-1 octopus-2 octopus1a pumkins qulting-fans-illusionqltI finished a couple more pincushions and added my Pumpkins from last year.  Whew, got that bug out of my system.  I hate to admit it, but when I get an idea about something, I drop everything and dive into that project (idea).

I have 3 rows done on my illusion quilt and am loving how it looks.   That Grey thread really does it justice.   Not over whelming either.   I am really anxious to get to the border and binding.

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Still using math…

3patrioticA patriotic block that I want to add to my red, white & blue quilt.   Had a little help from the great Forum Peeps over at Missouri Star Quilt co.    Here is a diagram for it..  Sort of a modified 9 patch.   I’ll get busy tomorrow and cut out some fabric for a test block.    attachment It could also be broken down further into 8ths.. and use some strip pieces.. seems like a lot of seams.  but I’ll play with that idea also.

oct-d-board-patriotic So far this is my design board for my Patriotic quilt.     Looking for  inspiration to start putting it all together.

I finished the 6 inch sampler quilt.   Just needs to be washed & dried before gifting it.    My new machine (Janome 9400)  has the alphabet feature, so I just programed my name and date and let it sew on a label.   LOL.

With cooler temps around here, I started thinking Christmas Gifts for this year.  And so the sewing began… lots of little pincushions made over the week end.

elephant-pincushion pincushions1 pincushions2

Owls, elephants, mice and sewing machines…. Then there are 2 “octopus” cushions…  My Gram had one she called the shotgun pincushion since it was full of buck shot.   I used pellets in my 2.    I have to take photos of them so I can show them to you.   DD#2 called them Octopus since they have 8 “legs”.


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side tracked/interuptions

under-needlesept21Doing a straight stitch with my walking foot on this Orphan Block quilt.. 6 inch blocks with 1.5 inch sashing in-between them.  I’m learning with this new machine..  Janome 9400 “big throat”.    What a dream to sew with a new machine that was made for Quilters.

Then I got hooked on making pin cushions   Lots of little critters, owls, elephants, cats, mice and even a sewing machine.   Now I’m finishing a couple of pears.  Looking for apples!!

Hoping to finish marking the illusion quilt, but got the cleaning lady and a window guy coming.   One of our NEW windows won’t close after we open it.

So I’d better get dressed before I’m invaded.    Nice Fall weather with fresh air  coming thru the windows!!

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