Lost a day

Yup, it happens.   It was rainy, downpour in fact.  The cleaning lady came (we finally got one!)   And I just vegetated the whole day.    Well most of the day..

DSCN7980I did get a bunch of plastic bags ready for my crochet project/s.   You fold them back to the original fold, cut into strips, lock together and Wha – La… plastic yarn for floor mats/bath mats.   Love these in the basement, garage or front door(wipe your feet!).   They are FREE and Disposable.

This Monday started the first week of DD#2’s radiation therapy.   She will go every day for 6 weeks.  This being the 3rd day, she has some redness where they radiate that site.   She has cream to use and will see the doctor after todays treatment.   She is not glowing in the dark…  YET.


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Christmas gifts

DSCN7949This is just one of 3 table runners I have finished.   This is for July 4th.  The others are for Spring and Easter.     I have place mats together and ready for quilting..

DD#2’s Cancer treatment continues with Radiation therapy .  She will have to go everyday for a few weeks.  (Not sure just now how many weeks of this she will have)  But this should be the last round of active treatments other than the daily medication and check up/scans.  So far all the results are positive and she is handling everything really well.   No further tumors have been seen on all her tests and scans..    Thank The good Lord and everyone’s prayers!!

All my sewing of gifts is for those persons at work who donated their extra time to her  so she could have time off to recuperate after the Chemo meds.    Plus the usual Christmas Ornaments I make each year..

Am hoping to get everything all done,   plus I have a large quilt to finish..  Whew, I am tired just thinking of it all.

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adding to the pack

boomer arm rest2015Here is the 7 lb addition to the pack here at Harmony Street.   He is 8 years old and loves snuggling, esp when I sit in my recliner.  His previous owner couldn’t keep him when she moved into an apartment.   He is such a tiny guy!! but full of personality.   Here is what you get when you rub his tummy.

boomer fainted

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A month of “to dos”

Smudge has taken over the dog kennel..  while Boomer has been sleeping in bed with me.  I have to admit it looks really comfy in there..

smudge takes over kennel

I have finished a couple of quilts this month.. Complete with labels on the back.  The black and white one went off to Missouri to be quilted while I worked on the stacked block quilt.

d4p N blocks oct2015

oct2015 quilting Quatrifoil

Now this one is all sandwiched and under the needle.. It has to be done for Christmas gifting, too.   And it is very large!!.  Again I am doing it in sections.  The backing fabric doesn’t work if I cut it apart, so I left it all in one piece.  The top is in 3 sections.   I only put batting in the section I am working on.   That way it doesn’t get too big and bulky to work on.. I start at the top and work my way to the bottom.


This brown and cream is on my design wall, as I still need another quilt  for Christmas, but no promises made, just in case..

And for when I sit watching tv in the evenings,  I have a little hand applique work to do for another small gift.     It’s another eye catcher of stacking blocks.       I have to tack (hand sew) under the edges before putting it on a 15 inch square of fabric.     This is another one of those “orphan” projects.. There are other matching blocks to go with this one, too.    I’m thinking of getting a small quilt off to the local abuse center.   They take all sizes of quilts.

applique by handThere is no way I could find matching fabric in those colors , so It is a small project/ quilt that some little one will be able to call their own.

Those are my current project for the rest of this month and probably next month, too.   It takes me awhile to get going, but once I start, there is no stopping til it is done.

All or nothing!!    That seems to be me in just about everything I do.


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Getting caught up

I am terrible about letting time slip by me.. Seems like I can’t focus on more than a  couple of things at a time.   Aging is just wonderful…NOT

DD#2 had her surgery 4 weeks ago and came thru it just great.   Everything as expected with no surprises or setbacks.   DD#1 (the other nurse) came up from Florida and took care of her..giving me a break from nursing duty to let me just be MOM for a change.   It was the best thing ever to let go of the responsibilities and enjoy family time.   Even had time for a fire and homemade chilli night.  fire N chilli 2015oct

Today DD#2 does her pre op appointments for the radiation round of Chemo.. And she wanted to do it by herself.. “It’s no big deal”…   Damn if it isn’t!!!  She just doesn’t know it yet..   It may seem like routine stuff: and I hope it is,, but there are just a few things that could go wrong.   But I am letting her be in charge and trusting in her judgment.    It is her body and her life.. I am just here to support her decisions.   (That’s a hard lesson for all parents to learn and I have to keep reminding myself to let go and trust.)  rd 6 redAnd life continues on it’s path while we figure out and deal with each little event that comes along.

This is Boomer and he is now a part of our family pack.. 8 years old and so tiny that the small doggie sweaters are a bit big on him.(wt-7.5 lbs)  Neutered and checked out to be quite healthy by our vet.. He follows me everywhere and has to sleep under the covers (in my bed) every night.   Now to get him to eat regular dog food!!   He has held out for People Food so far.. we are still working on that. boomer arm rest2015


Again I brought out the Ghastlies  topper.. The backing had to be bigger and everything measured.. Yup, too big to send out for quilting..(that’s our dining room floor)  I’ll have to do it by hand.  Since it would cost way too much to have a long arm quilter do it for me.. Yea!!  spider webs and lots of hours with it during the coming winter months.  sharon pin basting


But for now I am sewing up Christmas Gifts… special to those who have helped DD#2 during her Journey..    Still have a few more items to make.. before the big holiday arrives.. lots of table runners and dresser toppers.. even some place mats.   There were a lot of people in my daughters life that were so very generous with their time and  support.   We (esp she)  are truly Blessed!!

rd 1 table runners.5 And that just about catches me up on everything for now.. Lots of sewing gifts and getting to know the little Chihuahua.. as we head into the Fall and Winter Months.    Halloween is right around the corner but we are not celebrating it this year..   It was DD’s responsibility and she isn’t feeling up to getting the candy, doing the decorations and handing out treats.   (Really its about not having the temptation of all that candy around and DH wanting to go to a bike rally.)

We are working towards a healthier life style and making changes in life to keep everyone healthy and not having a relapse.     Meanwhile, I’ll just be MOM and enjoy each day as it comes.

over the hill


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2 quad blocksMaking a quilt for a special person in our lives… this photo is of 2 blocks for her quilt.   I do have all the blocks done with sashing in between.   Just haven’t had time to take any more photos.     Maybe once I get some other smaller projects done and have room to sandwich and quilt it, I will be able to get some pictures taken.

This coming week is full of  doctors appointments, scans and tests for DD.   Our next phase/step in her cancer treatment will be surgery.   Looking at the 27 or 28th for the consult and then we will have a date.


I’ve been in a funk lately.. just going thru the motions of life and trying to go forward after a  “blast from the past”  came along and sent me on a trip down  memory lane and all the emotions that went with it.    I went thru a very hard time when I lost my eyesight and had no one but myself to  get me thru it.   The one person I needed and wanted wasn’t  there.   Didn’t hear my cry for help or didn’t understand ..   Whatever–  I got thru it with the help of New Friends.

There is too much going on now and in the future that I want to be a part of.    My needs and self esteem come first..   I like myself to much to just accept a part time/ whenever relationship.     Its all in or all out  deal with me.

life is a hwy


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Last round!!


The next few days will be miserable for DD, but this is the last round of chemo and we will have time to adjust to the next phase.. Which will be surgery.   The dark circles and flushed cheeks are typical for DD, so we are not too concerned.

Progress comes at a price.  Thankfully the family & friends come thru with things to keep her spirits up  and help mark this milestone… How about some Flowers??

last chemoflwrsHer Father (in Florida) sent this!!   It put a smile on her face that lasted for hours.. in fact, they sit in the “place of honor”   Kitchen table… so every time you walk by.. you know someone really loves ya.   (and it helps detract from all the medication.

place o honorIt really is wonderful to see how much this one little act helped lift her out of the funk and makes the side effects easier to bare..  Esp since it is the last round.   Next comes the full body scan and surgery.


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