Life happened

Baby quilt done and out the door before the little one turned a year old.    Got a lovely thank you from the mom…

Winter is finally losing it’s battle to hang on.   Today it was actually sunny with temps in the upper 70’s F.    I went thru the doldrums of lack of sunshine with temps below 50.   It was 40 one day and the next it jumped up to the 70’s.   I had just given up hope for a nice day outside to work in my flower beds.   Now if  it will just stay in the normal temperature range for Spring.   April is suppose to be lots of showers,,, and I could handle that if the temps stayed up there where they belong.

DD#2 is doing ok with her current CA treatment.   Meds and tests every other month to see if the “pills”  are doing what they want.   So far, her blood work is great.. and she hasn’t had any “germs”  grab her when her immune system is wiped out.     But the “man of the house”  has been fighting a bad cold.  He sounds like he is coughing his lungs out at times.

I had a weird  bunch of symptoms that led me to the ER   then to have a MRI.. of the brain.   No Significant Changes.. was the results, so whatever those symptoms were, they weren’t life threatening…   and just a few days after the MRI l had an ear infection..  ran a temp, dizzy and lots of pain in the left ear & throat.   A round of antibiotics and I came out of it.    It’s really tough to get old.. even the symptoms are mis-leading..

A riot of color with this bag of scraps… all batiks from ends of rows of fabric.   A friend from MSQC  sent me her ORPHANS… and this batch of goodies sparked my interest.. so I have been sewing together the pieces and trimming/squaring them up.   Almost have a twin size top made… tomorrow I will have it finished and ready to go to the quilter  for the Abuse Center.

Next I need to finish up this “granny square”  top.   It is MINE  and I just can’t wait to get it done, pick a backing fabric, then get it quilted.   I am thinking I should have chosen a different color than White, but all the squares are done, I just have to get them sewn together.

Purple windmills is done and was sent off to the LA quilter to finish and then it goes to the Abuse Center.    AND

Another baby quilt is finished and heading out the door to a Grandson who is having a baby… He loved elephants as a child, so  there is an elephant.

I’ve gotten over a lot of the displeasure with our government…   Just needed to vent and express my opinion..  Altho there is a lot of news to distract us from what is really happening with our country.   Life does go on  –  sometimes not very smoothly and sometimes really rocky.

Enjoy the dull days,    we are in for a rough ride during this political period.

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