January’s Let down.

oh-hum-9-16This is how I feel too.. Oh, Hum.   What to do??

I walked into my sewing area and pulled out the polka dot fabric to start making the swap blocks for the Jenny’s arrow pinwheel group I joined this past December.   And that is all the quilt related projects I have done so far.  (the kit still sits on the cutting table) polka-dot-swap-kit

After cleaning and putting away all the Christmas decorations, I hit that “post-holiday” doldrums.   Nothing!   No inspiration, No enthusiasm, No  dream/ideas!!     Nada, Nothing.     Of course it doesn’t help to get your juices going when the temps hover around that O mark on the thermometer…FOR DAYS..   All I can think about is putting another layer of clothing on..

DD has went all out vegan… and keeps cooking veggie dishes in the kitchen.. I had no idea she could make such messes that tasted so good.  Spinach, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Squash, Radish and Turnips… oh, MY!!     Onions, mushrooms, cheese and rice!!   Legumes, beans and carrots galore!!     I knew that college education would server her well… bushel-of-veggies cooking-by-liz

After a feast it is time to rest and rub the tummy.. right Boomer?



The dishes can wait!!


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1 Response to January’s Let down.

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    Hey Judy…. I’m here with the after Christmas COLD… been a few years and i think i forgot just how crappy one can feel…. So bad that i have not knit, crochet or quilted… Started feeling lousy on Friday and got strips laid out for a table runner and am too exhausted to begin again… It’s day 5 so i’ll make it back in in a few days… You are my “pear” Judy right…:)) It is sitting here cause’ i just love it so much.. Hugs, GB

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