Beginner beware quilt

This quilt looked so neat when finished and labeled “good for a Beginner”…


Looked simple and I had this Jelly Roll (42 strips that were 2.5 wide)  perfect color.. and there was some extra 10×10 pieces of matching fabric.. I was all set!!

2.5 x 2.5 cream squares for the cross road pattern thru-out  then the various lengths to make 12.5 inch blocks.    Lots of math and figuring, dividing and just getting all the blocks the same size??   Nope, not me, I just “winged” it.   And would trim all the blocks to the same size before sewing them together.

Do NOT trim …. NO!!!    All those cream squares have to match seams.. and if you trim them, you will never get them to match..  I had to recut a block or two, but lesson learned.   Do your math, test out a few blocks before cutting all your fabric…

Not all blocks are as simple as they appear,   but I got thru putting them all together, without trimming up each block.. just a few snips and stretches here and there to get the seams to match.   And I had my quilt top!!   Not a perfect one, but it will do… You know why I say that?   Here Is My Secret- I KNOW that I can quilt out quite a few little puckers.

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