Rainbow Bridge – Mocha 2004-2016

mocha-obitWe had to say goodbye to our dear friend this morning.  Last month she had a large tumor removed from under her Left Front leg..and in that time another one showed up that was as big as my hand.. She went for surgery today to have it removed, and with the x-ray  they take before any surgery of this type, there were 8 more large ones and who knows how many more smaller ones..

Her quality of life plus longevity would be so bad with the treatments and medication that the decision to put her to sleep was made.    We will miss This gentle soul.. who loved to run and play in the park, begged for treats, and brought much joy to our lives.      Fare Well Mocha.   Run and play with Pepper  like you did when you lived here with us. (both passing in Dec)

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1 Response to Rainbow Bridge – Mocha 2004-2016

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    Hey Judy… the GrammaBabs…. just checking.. i’m getting old i guess… you ARE the sweetie that send me the Pear right????? Come on GF,,, get out of those doldrums… you got some “catchin’ up” to do:)) GB

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