Cutting board


..Two For.. 

I just can’t pass up the heirloom fabrics whenever I see them.. Just gotta buy and sew and cut.. Not sure which block I’ll go for, but I’m busy making Half Square Triangles this week.  # 1  for Me it’s all about Heirloom.. #2  the other brighter fabric is for DD#1.   

These are for ME… HST making  step 1. pin the right sides together… (5″ charm packs) Then start sewing (all 4 sides)  

Next comes lots of cutting…


 Below is for DD#1  more HST.  Square up & trim the “ears”

 After all the cutting, I need  some hand-work for tv watchin’.   I crochey the tops to hang them on the kitchen drawer handles.. Handy, Dandy “catch the mess” Towels.   I buy kitchen towels whenever I see a sale (something cute).  Cut them in half and get to work with my Needle.  These just happen to match the NEW kitchen clock!!    Ooo-la-la

 Call this a Triple..PLAY Week.    I think I have enough sewin to keep me busy inbetween the cooking, cleaning. doggy sittin and organizing..(declutter as I go)

At 69, I think I keep myself pretty well occupied with fun projects , but If you have anything new or interesting to help me fill my retirement days.. Let me know!!   I did a little stamping last Friday.   Made some soup  And  put up a couple of shelves in the pantry.  

Granny Judy




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  1. Vicki Robles says:

    You are to be commended!!

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