Recycle This

Magnetic Ads.

Ya know ya have some.calling card sizes and up.  You get them in letters, bills and visits to doctors/spas/hand outs and other promotions.   They are stuck to anything metal.. that black is a magnet and often when cleaning off the outside of the refrig I just toss them in the waste.   

We display alot of pics on our refrig, since ONE side is open for viewing..  And there are alot of those school photos (wallet size) that need a place to rest.  

See the tiny wallet size pics?  smaller than a calling card..and just LOOSE with possibley losing them in the maze of organizing.. So combine the magnetic ads and those pics earmarked for display.. 

grab your glue stick, coat the back of your photo generously, place on the front of the magnetic strip, smooth down and rub away the excess glue… now Cut , cover exposed corners and edges with permanent marking pen..THEN Display!


I am sure you can find other uses for a magnetic ADs.. such as the bottom pic that has a  magnetic frame.. there are the doggy paw prints…and glued on buttons, etc. etc…etc!  Stamps make great cover ups for magnetic ads.. just stamp onto a glossy paper, glue to the magnetic ad, cut and display…   Make your REFRIG  Zing  with creativity…   GRANNY 


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