January’s Let down.

oh-hum-9-16This is how I feel too.. Oh, Hum.   What to do??

I walked into my sewing area and pulled out the polka dot fabric to start making the swap blocks for the Jenny’s arrow pinwheel group I joined this past December.   And that is all the quilt related projects I have done so far.  (the kit still sits on the cutting table) polka-dot-swap-kit

After cleaning and putting away all the Christmas decorations, I hit that “post-holiday” doldrums.   Nothing!   No inspiration, No enthusiasm, No  dream/ideas!!     Nada, Nothing.     Of course it doesn’t help to get your juices going when the temps hover around that O mark on the thermometer…FOR DAYS..   All I can think about is putting another layer of clothing on..

DD has went all out vegan… and keeps cooking veggie dishes in the kitchen.. I had no idea she could make such messes that tasted so good.  Spinach, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Squash, Radish and Turnips… oh, MY!!     Onions, mushrooms, cheese and rice!!   Legumes, beans and carrots galore!!     I knew that college education would server her well… bushel-of-veggies cooking-by-liz

After a feast it is time to rest and rub the tummy.. right Boomer?



The dishes can wait!!


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Post Holiday memories

meemeecyn-tree-ornamentOh Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree – It is so wonderful to receive Ornaments from my MSQC friends.  Meemeecyn sent the tree and Bubby sent the white lacey snowflake. dscn8460Christmas day was very warm for the season.. yet it got up to 52 the next day.   No snow or as the song says.. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas… NOT!!


Santa had to deliver in the UPS trucks this year..


While everyone was eating dinner.. this little one had to have a snooze… Too much excitement and toys


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Rainbow Bridge – Mocha 2004-2016

mocha-obitWe had to say goodbye to our dear friend this morning.  Last month she had a large tumor removed from under her Left Front leg..and in that time another one showed up that was as big as my hand.. She went for surgery today to have it removed, and with the x-ray  they take before any surgery of this type, there were 8 more large ones and who knows how many more smaller ones..

Her quality of life plus longevity would be so bad with the treatments and medication that the decision to put her to sleep was made.    We will miss This gentle soul.. who loved to run and play in the park, begged for treats, and brought much joy to our lives.      Fare Well Mocha.   Run and play with Pepper  like you did when you lived here with us. (both passing in Dec)

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Baby It’s Cold Outside:

The sun came out and the temperature “out there” jumped up to 22 F.   Lots better than the 6 this morning.

The tree is up and decorated, Finally:

dscn8439Yes there is a bit of snow on the ground this year.. but it didn’t last very long.  I’m sure we’ll be getting more once it warms up a bit.. LOL.

dscn8443 dscn8449I just love the New Star topper that John picked out… it changes color, too.  And I added a new table top or “under the tree” ornament this year.. My snow men/women love it too!!

And Boomer is all set for the cold, too.


Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the Holiday Season…

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Dec 4th- first snow

It’s coming down and staying…


Temps are hovering around 30F.  with a bit of wind.. Not bad for this time of year.

the heating pad is on!!


2016-cards-4-xmasAnd I am putting together this years Christmas cards… Gotta get them done this week and in the mail… Time keeps flying by.

And I am sick so didn’t celebrate My B/D… sore throat, chills and achy.   My Cousin who shares the B/D week with me is also sick… we like to share!

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Decision time…


I’ve agonized long enough over the border for this quilt.
Time for a decision…….


So I searched the internet til I found this serpentine border… but NO CORNER template to match it..border4illusion

So I drew my own corner template to match/compliment the side template..scan0001 It is really rough looking and I had to tweak it, but It looks GREAT with the sides and I have one of a kind quilted corner..


Hopefully I’ll get the sides quilted this week and call this one Done!!   AND DONE!


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Day is done

There was over 60 kiddos with their parents out and about this Halloween.   We gave out a large storage tub/container of candy, plus 40 “toy” bags and 10 tiny peoples rubber toys for the infants in arms.

I mean dd#2 is very generous with “handfuls of candy”.    She did enjoy herself this year!!


dscn8389dscn8390 my-chair too-tired

The animals were exhausted afterwards and took up residence in my room.  One in the chair, the other in the middle of my bed.    Yes indeed we got this day done with extra time to crochet.crochet-blue-doilly

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