In My Head

doing-nothingThat is me this past week.    Had doctors appointments & procedures to endure this past week. Also afflicted with another inner ear infection.   Got meds for the ear and doing eye drops after a laser treatment in my right eye.   Am awaiting the results of the endoscopy biopsy.. I have Barrett’s syndrome from my GERD.  That has to be checked every year.     And the inner ear problem has me suffering from dizzy spells.   Can’t find my motion sickness pills… but am getting better.

So my son’s Christmas quilt is on hold.   (can’t show you since it is suppose to be a surprise)

The patriotic blocks got put in  a “to do” box. oct-d-board-patriotic

And the Serenity quilt is laying there waiting for the borders to be sewn on and serenity-illusion-charmsquilted.   Everything is cut out, tho.!!   I have to sew the borders on before I can start the quilting on them.. I was hoping to do the quilting before adding them to the main quilt, but the design won’t allow that.

And I have ordered the Christmas Card Die cuts for this year.   Yup, I have the cards all planned out and will get started making them this next month.

Have you ever gotten a magazine that is full of Recipes!!  Well I get  “living” and it is full of ideas and easy recipes for some unusual ways to prepare plain veggies and meats.    I get hungry just looking at the pictures.   So I did a menu for this  coming week.

Well did you notice all this stuff is done In My Head as I sit around getting over the Endoscopy and ear infection?   Yes, I am quite busy.    


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