I feel like I’m scattered all over the place with quilting, piecing & mending.

DSCN8295 DSCN8289This one still needs the binding..  It is small, NICU size.

Sept que.These two are ready for quilting.. DSCN8293Finally Finished another small NICU size quilt..

DD brought out 2 of her “favorite pants” to be mended.. How she manages to get holes around her pockets , I haven’t a clue.   They sit at the Singer 500 for repairs..

AND  I have an illusion quilt in the making using the Singer 9960.   A dear friend gave me a charm pack- Serenity by Moda- that has a lot of grey shades, so I had to make an Illusion Quilt.. just getting the sashing on them now.   Better pic will follow once I start sewing all those blocks together.

serenity sashing

No wonder I am tired… Just keeping up with all my sewing projects.. AND  I even cooked a fantastic meal (Dinner).     No photos of it,   everything was cleaned up and eaten by the time I got my camera charged and ready.

When I’m on, I’m ON….. but now I am seriously considering going back to bed.  I was tossing and turning half the night.. Kept going over what I wanted to finish today.    LOL…..quilts not housework

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5 Responses to scattered

  1. tehachap says:

    I’m considering buying a new to me sewing machine. If you don’t mind my asking, how many machines do you own and what are the brands/models? I see you mentioned the Singer 9960, but I know next to nothing about Singer machines. I have a Bernina 1008 and a Viking Sapphire 870Q (Quilter’s model). The Bernina is mechanical and the Viking is computerized. I had a Kenmore 1914 but I gave it to my niece because she didn’t have a machine. That was one workhorse of a machine. I’m curious what you think of the Viking machines.

    • grannysgab says:

      I now own 4 machines and a serger (which I don’t use often). 3 singers – 1901 treadle. Singer 9960 computerized and Singer 500 workhorse straight / zigzag. ..and the new 9400 big throat Janome. I hear lots of good things about the older Vikings.. motor added to a treadle. I was told the newer ones are made by the same manufacturer as Brothers.. But otherwise I know little about them.. My family members have always had Singers.. So I was particle to them til I found the Janome. Sorry I don’t keep up with all the different machines manufacturers…

      • tehachap says:

        No problem. I’ve used the Janome (don’t know what model) when we winter at our place in Apache Junction, AZ. The park has a Creative Crafts room that has Janome sewing machines so I know they’re good. Will have to check out the 9400. How do you put your labels on your quilts?

  2. grannysgab says:

    I often do Labels by sewing them onto the quilt as I add the binding-machine sewing 2 sides, then hand sew the other two. There is also the triangle in a corner method, too. I always include my name, state & date finished. If it is for a certain person, I will add their name and occasion.. such as Happy Birthday/Anniversary/congrats/ etc
    With the computerized machines, I can program in letters & numbers and make several labels at a time. Before having them, I would use permanent felt tip markers.

    • tehachap says:

      I hadn’t thought of the triangle in the corner method… good idea. I’ve wanted to get an embroidery machine so I can make my own labels–after thinking it over, it seems like a lot of $$ just to do labels. Well, I guess i’d use it for other things, but I don’t know. I’ll have to see what I can find at the sewing machine warehouse we’ll visit next week. Thanks for your input. I do enjoy your column — and your latest post about crepy skin was soooo true! Gads, I guess I’ve arrived too!

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