Recovery time..

August has been an “eye” month for me.  Follow up on the cataract surgeries.. then laser treatment to scar tissue that was covering the “opening” to the eye.  So not a lot of quilting got done, tho I was able to sandwich quite a few quilts.

Was also able to get a new machine to make that quilting easier.. Janome 9400 with a ll.5 throat.   It’s a learning curve for me to operate just now.  But I’m conquering it a little each day.    So far I love everything about it.

The machine you see in the “design board” post is a 1901 singer with the Phoenix decals.  And it works beautifully.   I love sewing on it: takes me back to my pre-teen years when I first got to use a sewing machine.   I have a quilt top I made with it.. Curved Log Cabin.

my peddle machine w log cabin blocks

And my little helper follows me and watches as I work with my fabric.. His favorite spot?:   next to my machine:   Not always so wide awake as he is in this photo..

sewing timeand I’m back to work on some patriotic blocks to fill in some blank spots on MY Quilt…lotto blocks

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