A finish

sashiko borders smudge approved websIt is out of the washer and laid out to dry after a good round with the dryer.  It’s a large quilt and takes extra time to dry.. Ghastlie Goodie  88x 125 finished.    I may take it outside for better photos.. Later today.

learn new ways.These are for the Local Quilting Guild.. Monthly Block Lotto.  I love the instructions for both these blocks.. NO Y seams and Fast Star block.  I am making mine in patriotic fabric so they can go to the gals who make the Quilts of Valor for our local guys/gals.

5 sandwichedSandwich Pile… should be 5 good size quilts here for the Abuse Center.  I’ll have a good batch to give to the Abuse Center this Christmas.. As long as everyone stays healthy and nothing comes up to distract me from getting them quilted.


I am still dreaming of more quilts and sewing goodies since a lovely lady called Robin sent me 2 boxes of goodies this past week.    ———

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