catching up with the “orphans”

This is the Free stuff I grabbed while at the Guild Meeting July 6th. They have a table set up for those who wish to get rid of fabric or for those who need to find some fabric cheap!!    I’ve used that flower fabric at the lower Left already..

free fabric haulThere is some beautiful aqua greens, greys, blues and border fabrics in there that I will use as backing, sashing and corner stones on my Orphan Quilts.  sashing time

A little sashing between some embroidery squares that were orphans was my first thought when I saw that floral bright fabic.

orphan wheels 2This is the second pinwheel quilt that I’ve done from Orphans.. Its 3 across and 4 down  Quilt as you go blocks of 15 x 15 inches each.  Makes a generous quilt/lap size.   Getting those seams to match up when you don’t use a sashing strip to connect blocks was the “lesson”  I learned doing these.  (I didn’t use connecting fabric on the back either.)

I got the sizes for my Lite into Dark quilt.. took it out and measured each block.. Took some time, but I have them!!   I ordered some strips of solid colors.. Next I’ll purchase 3 yards of black Kona fabric.   Then I can start making another smaller version of it.


SASHIKO!! front sashikothe borders for my Ghastlie Quilt..  I’m going thru extra layers here in the corner. ONLY thing it is much harder than you might think.. and you need to check the back often:

back sashikoSee those missing little white dots on the back…??  I’ll have to do some cheat stitches to fill those in.    I’ve never been able to use a thimble and after a couple days of hand stitching, my fingers are SORE!!    So it’s a few days off from that project..tho it sits out in the middle of my room.    This way I won’t get distracted  and it’s there to remind me to “finish” it.

I have another bunch of 6 inch Orphan blocks up on my design wall now and am figuring out how I want to put them together….  still rearranging them..   6 inch orphans.It’s a Process!!

Granny Judy

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One Response to catching up with the “orphans”

  1. tehachap says:

    I did Sashiko embroidery on a Yo-Yo vest, and I agree, it’s difficult, but quite interesting. Once you’ve worked it, you never forget it and are able to recognize it in any quilt or garment. Regards… Tehachap

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