Feeling like my Ol’ Self

DSCN8215Out on the deck (back yard)  we have 2 large raised beds full of “salad” makings and 2 smaller planters of herbs.   I had the 2 week cough, ache and fever  after getting my right eye surgery done.   It really sapped my energy..  Not a lot got done that I wanted.. Just now getting back to the follow up check in with the eye doc  (27th at 10:40 a.m.)

DSCN8216The tomato plants are putting on flowers and thus I will have Fresh Tomatoes for my kitchen.  *I have 3 tomatoes plants and several pepper plants in these large planters.

Thankfully DD#2 supports my NEED to get in the dirt and grow something.   Yup, I’m still that ol country gal with the straw hat and bare feet.  If  we had the land, I’d be raisin’ chickens and milkin’ cows.   (Well, maybe not that cow thing, it’s a lot more involved, than just getting a  cow: that cow has to be PG…And I hate to have & give up a baby just to have fresh milk)   But the Chickens??  Heck YEaH.. that chicken poo is a gardener’s gold!!   Plus you get EGGS..

But alas, I’m a city gal now and must remember to let go of the dirt, poo and bare feet.    Got all dressed up ( Hey, I clean up pretty good!!)   to go to a Shower for an expectant Mom..  Part of the large K Clan.   IMG_20160618_144335965The quilt I made and gave .. it’s called Traveler since that design is the “around the world”.     Yup she is having a little girl.   And a very nice Shower..   I enjoyed being a little part in it all.    Thank You  for the invite.   And for giving this quilt a good home.


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