I can SEE you!!

Had my right eye cataract removed and have recovered from that.   It isn’t a knock you down and squash you type surgery.. You walk in, have it done and Walk out!!   A bit mushed up, but you can function.    I came home, ate something and went to sleep.   It’s the after effects of the Drugs.   Then, I always sleep when I don’t feel 100%.   462016 cataract sugeryThis pic is from the left eye surgery.   No photos for the Right.   I’m still under the influence of those wonderful drugs..   Love todays medicine!!

Called my friend Lisa (live2craft2) and she is doing much better.   Had some rough days lately and then had to put down her fur baby… But she wants to Long Arm quilt for me.   I donate quilts to the local Abuse Center and she has been God Sent to help me out.   And as she puts it…”I get to practice  my quilting skills”.    It’s a win-win situation for us both. She was thrilled to learn I had 5 or 6 ready for quilting.  We plan to meet up this Tues evening.DSCN8176I found some time to play with all the orphan blocks that were sent to me.. and believe me they are really gorgeous.. only I have to redo this one block.. it got all wonky.  I really need it to fill out a quilt.. otherwise I’d just have More Orphans!.     So apart it came..and it now sits at the machine waiting for me to get it all back together.   Thankfully I remembered to take a pic and won’t get lost in wondering how it has to go back together.

someone is behind meDid ya ever get that feeling someone was staring at you??

These two make me laugh!!    They are on my bed for a nap every afternoon.  Sometimes it gets a little crowded, but they seem to be getting along  in this photo and soon both were sound asleep.

Got to get a move on..  Memorial day and I’m still on the “recovery” list around here.   DD#2 & her hubby are letting me “rest”.    So I’m quite content to laze around and get waited on.   Getting all those drops in my eye is my only concern for now.

June 1’st is the local quilting guild meeting.   I gotta go since there is a “trunk show”.   Maybe I can get a few pics this time.

This was from last month’s meeting.  Those are pineapple squares  that are only 2 inches in size…Mickey Mowry from Wisconsin is going to break a lot of records and win lots of ribbons with this one!!   She does the tiniest blocks I’ve ever seen.IMG_20160504_192521531Til next time Live Well, Laugh Often and Love deeply.      GRANNY

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One Response to I can SEE you!!

  1. tehachap says:

    Excellent — I love seeing other people’s work, and will eventually have cataract surgery myself so thanks for the heads up about your own experience. Should be something short of a cake walk! Nice also, to be able to team up with a friend to produce quilts to be donated. Kudos to your friend with the long arm!

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