sickies and yard animals

2016 spring apples N squirrelBoth the kids have been home, under my feet and coughing A lot!!   I fixed their favorite comfort food and took a walk outside to let the germs escape from ME.    We have the Turtle (iron)  next to the fountain out front to encourage a few little critters to stop by for a visit.   The birds sure love the water!!    Sure enough the grey squirrels stop by daily for some apple peel and corn.     I pulled a few weeds and checked the planters  (I planted potatoes in them)    Sure enough the little potatoes are poking up green shoots already.

I’ve been staring at the Fabric for the Vintage quilt and getting antsy to put it together —Pink is the backing, Green is the border, and blue for the binding.    I’ve got a roll of batting, so perhaps this week end I can get it sandwiched .   Still got to clean off the treadle machine and fill the bobbins so I can use it to quilt with.

vintage fabs

But the Ghastley quilt is in the way… so I’m hand sewing on it everyday.  Not even half way yet, but getting there.   This week end I need to get more thread.. went thru 10 6 ply (broke down to 3) DMC embroidery floss skeins so far.     Will take a lot more before I’ve finished this one.

hand qlting

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3 Responses to sickies and yard animals

  1. tehachap says:

    Found you through Missouri Star Quilt Co. forum. Nice to see another WordPress quilter!

  2. tehachap says:

    Just read this post — how are you using embroidery thread to quilt your quilt??? Is it being tied?

    • grannysgab says:

      No, not tied. large stitches. I stab it thru with one hand and keeping the other hand underneath I stab the needle back up.
      Stitch average 1/4 + in length The pattern is a spider web. I draw it out with a ruler and it’s about 8 inches.. so I have lots of “webs” on this quilt.
      Thanks for stopping by… Judy

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