Rain, Rain, Rain

big dog dutyAll we can do is sit and watch it come down.    This is the type of rain that makes things grow, so we can only hope everything we planted will soon be popping up out of the ground.

Mother’s day came and went.. got to spend a few hours with the Other Mom.. The Blind leading the Blind.

IMG_20160508_133623379Just learned today that the Other Mom.. is in the hospital.   Getting checked out since all her blood work and doctor’s visit showed she’s got some major problems happening with her kidney’s.    This getting old business isn’t for the faint of heart.   I do hope they find the problem and fix it!!

Went shopping and got the backing, border and binding for the Vintage quilt..  I missed getting the photo of it all stacked up together.. so will have to charge the battery and get to clicking.    But At least I can get to work on that quilt.. Hope to get it together for the August Quilt Show.

Speaking of Quilts, I did go to the May Meeting and joined the Quilt Guild here in Peoria.  Gems of the Prairie.     They have a very large show every year.   I’m hoping they have a Vintage section for show and tell…  Cause I’m gonna show off the Great’s  Quilt and sewing skills.   LOL.    Otherwise I don’t know what I’ll put in the show.   My quilting skills are not that great!!


Back to watching the rain… adding an extra blanket to the bed since it’s gonna get down in the lower 50s this week end… brrrr.


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