put the peddle to the metal.

my peddle machine w log cabin blocksI practiced with the log cabin blocks before going for the vintage ones..  All went well with the first two rows, so I switched over to putting the vintage blocks together.. Using the Antique treadle sewing machine

flimsy vintage vintage blocks together... Hey!  DD#1.  here are some more pics to help you choose the backing for me.  Watcha think??     The August quilt show is sneaking up on me… so let me know soon if not tomorrow.

My Orphan Blocks are pouring in from some really wonderful ladies at Missouri Star Quilt Company dot com.   In todays box–  

  1.  Just one single block that measured 14×14  in pastels.  Very appropriate for a baby boy.   I’m making it bigger by just adding strips to the sides.. The box/gifter sent lots of pastel strips along with this block.
  2. I sorted the fabric by colors/season/holidays.    There is some beautiful fall & lots of browns to do some strip piecing.   I love “scrappy looking” quilts and these should make a great quilt for the fall.
  3.  Huge embroidery blocks with white background.    ??   still stumped as to putting them together.   Looking for a great color to sash each block.
  4. Miscellaneous blocks and fabrics…. they will join the other orphans that are sorted into   colors/season/holiday piles.

Whew,  I told ya these gals are generous!!     Got so many ideas running around in my head after playing with the Orphans!!

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