she’s a flimsey

vintage top they are all together!! and in the quilting world a finished top is called a flimsy.   Now to find a suitable backing and binding — an ongoing search on my part.   It’s approximately 32 x 56 inches.  (a nice size lap quilt).  Boomer likes it!!

boomer whos hereHe is on watch dog duty here in this picture.   Just making sure our guest dog (Jack) doesn’t get into the treat bag.

Jack the guestDon’t think He’s sleeping… He’s just had a romp outside and needs to catch his breath.   (Really he is a very sweet dog who loves lots of attention)  Jack went home Tuesday, the day before my cataract surgery.  Hope we get to dog sit him again.   He was a perfect little house guest.

Before my eye surgery, I finished getting the border put on this “orphan”..  Saturday (today)  I am hoping to find a matching fabric for the back when DD#2 & I hit the road for some therapy  shopping.bordering w dog toothBIG NEWS – DD#2  is cancer free!!   All tests came back negative and in normal range.    YaHOO  This past year has been full of UPs and DOWNs.     

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