continuing with vintage and log cabin

Just getting here from yesterday.. following along with putting these vintage blocks together.  DSCN8141DSCN8142This one is the Pinwheel.. I think I’ll have enough to go around the outer edge of the quilt.   Any how I’m gonna  use these for the top and bottom.. and fit in the others along the sides.    I did talk to DD#1, who is also a quilter, about what fabric I should use for the backing.     Two heads are better than one, right??

DSCN8138 which layout do you like best?? I’m drawn to the medallion, but the  other one is also very appealing.   DSCN8140 I had an eye appointment Monday as a pre – op for cataract surgery.  It will be my left eye first as it is my dominant one.   Not looking forward to it, but something has to be done as I feel like I’m looking thru frosted glass most of the time.   Most people I know who have had it done are very happy with the results.     I just want to see well enough to finish up some of these quilts that are in progress … don’t even look at my “to do” and “wanna do” list.

As soon as everything is approved by my insurance, I’ll get a call with the date and time.    But it will be done in April…that’s a “for sure”.   I’m pretty sure I’ll get thru everything without any problems..   I made it thru a lot worse things.   That’s one good thing about getting old– we know we will survive since we’ve had a lot of practice with such stuff.  And if we don’t, it doesn’t surprise us.




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