Progress for March

DSCN8123Hand sewn blocks are a bit fiddly to work with since the tiny stitches are beautiful and admirable.. but being a lot of sewing is on the bias with these blocks.. they get so wonky that you will need a lot of patience to work with them.  I started sewing them to the white 6 ” squares and noticed just how much they are NOT square, even though I had trimmed them to be 6″ squares.    My seam to follow guide is the White Squares!!   Those sides are straighter and easier to get the hand sewn blocks to lay flat by following that white edge.    Thus I lay the block on top of the white square!!

It’s a slower process, but well worth the extra effort and time.   Again I spray starch and press each section as I go along.

Over the week end, I did some hand sewing.. My stitches are large!!  Yes I did that intentionally.   They are spider webs and once the body of the quilt is done with all the “webs” I can fit in there, I will be doing a large stitch around the border… traditionally the larger stitches will be in rows that are close together– but I will be showing them once I get to the border areas.    Hoping to finish this large quilt (88×125″) by Halloween…

one fourth done2016MarchMeanwhile, I finished up the top of the vest I started in Feb 2016.   Remember it was really cold?    I wanted extra layers back then and had this thick yarn — so, yup, it is finally done..

Feb vest

Now that the temps are getting warmer… Maybe a chilly day will call for an extra layer before we get into Summer.

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