Vintage blocks from the 20’s/30’s

qlt blksggma sadie & gauntlillieDD#1 sent me more of these vintage (hand sewn) blocks made by her Great Gram Sadie and Great Aunt Lilly…paternal side of the family.    I measured, spray starched & ironed each one.. the smallest being 6 inches square.

I do recommend the above step before cutting/ squaring up any block you are working with.

Next I will cut some 6 inch white blocks.. and put these all together on my design board.. I tried out a sashing around each block, but that wasn’t enough to keep the blocks from fighting with each other for attention.   Plus I’ll get a bigger quilt..

vintage top

This design board is small and what you see is only 1/4 th the size of a double bed .   Thus I take photos, print them out and put them together so I can make changes where I need to..

**NOTE**-The 20’s / 30’s fabrics are really busy, thus the separation of a white square gives your eye resting places before focusing on the next block.


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1 Response to Vintage blocks from the 20’s/30’s

  1. Linda says:

    These blocks are lovely. I just love vintage quilts. I see that you are from the Peoria area. I grew up in Peoria, but now live in Minnesota. I miss Illinois.

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