Lovely weather, lovely day

dining Room

Fairview Farms Restaurant

With temperatures in the 60’s it was time to get out and enjoy some of the local sites.    Lunch with a bunch of scientists….(DD#2’s co-workers)  at 1:00 pm.   Chatter with over 16 people at the table   and several trips thru the buffet  to be sure you tasted everything that was offered.. MAKES for a great lunch/meal!!  I must say they were all very chatty;  full of jokes and funny stories.

Then a trip thru the  Riverfront Museum   that was show casing some samplers and quilts from the 19th century..   It was interesting to note that the samplers were hung on the wall to let potential suitors know how well a young lady could sew.

It was a small exhibit, but very interesting.. The drunkards path, double wedding ring, log cabin and Jacobs latter were the patterns used in the larger quilts.. teeny tiny stitches on most quilts just amazed me!!

There were many other exhibits, but I was ready to get some groceries and get home… So I promised myself to go back and see the rest of the offerings… Planetarium is at the top of my list of things to see next.

Good thing I got back home before dark… poor Boomer had been in his crate over 4 hours and was ready for a long outside romp… in kennel2016boomerNow it is time for bed…. we both are ready..

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