Where Have I been??

all smilesfinishing this large quilt for a special lady.   Her birthday was Feb 16th.. I finished on the 12th.   And presented it with 2 matching pillow cases on the 13th.

This lady is the mother of MY son-in-law.  He is pretty special and makes my DD#2 life brighter.   It takes a special person to raise up a child that is so caring.. and she has done it 6 times.. 2 boys and  4 girls.   She celebrates her 78 th Birth Day this year and is finding her health slowly declining..  She has buried her husband and one child… still lives alone (out in the country) in the house where she raised her family.

The point being we became really fast friends and I admire her so much.. She still has a smile and hug for everyone.. never complains about her struggles and just loves my daughter to pieces…    (now who can’t love someone like that?)

I found out her favorite color/s  and went to work about 6 months ago…The pattern is called   Quatrefoil  with fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company called  Fresh Lilac … same as you will see in the  Video by Jenny Doan

Sunday, Feb 14th, I got to go see a musical play.. Best Little Whore House in Texas— at the Peoria Players Theatre.. even tho it snowed all day I was humming show tunes that evening and all the rest of this week.

As of today (the 18th)  I am still trying to figure out what project to tackle next.. I have several kits/boxes  ready to go, but there is this stack of Unfinished stuff to do.. qued upSmall triangular shaped thread catchers,  Blocks for the Jacobs Ladder, and Dresden plates for the QAYG (quilt as you go) project that has been hanging around for 2 years….  I guess it’s these little projects as I wait for DD#1 to send me the blocks from the paternal side of the family.. I have some and together we have a good size quilt in the making.

I was going to get back to the Hand stitching on the HUGE Ghastlies quilt —spider web 1But the quilt inspector has it in quality assurance: testing for softness..

Hooped cat2016

**** Can you see the black cat (inside the hoop) on the black & white quilt?****



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