my rope bowls..

I needed something to catch and sort left over fabrics.    So the craze began !!  I love these bowls.     I made several small ones and gifted them.   DD#2 got the most since I used colored thread when I put a few together.    I just wanted to see what a color would do..   Since she gathered them up and took them to work, I didn’t get any photos.   Maybe I can convince her to let me have a photo shoot… better yet, she could do a photo shoot for me.   Each of these large bowls took 2 and 3 packages of rope…… And I can still dye them  and turn them into BAGS.

large bowlsI am not doing a tutorial on these as there are gobs of them on U tube.  

If you click  on the U tube.. it will show you just one way to make a rope basket/bowl.   My largest is an oval at 15x 10.   You can add handles  or or other decorations.    I just had fun with a basic shape and bought out all the clothes line rope at Wally World, (again).

start RBowlI started out with this little u shape, then kept sewing around and around in circles… *** this is definitely the hardest part***  just getting started..

Had so much fun, I bought 10 more packages of rope… (get the kind you can sew on your machine.   Set your stitch to the widest zig-zag setting)     Have Fun!!

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