Wednesday Design Board

design wall jan2016Yup, it’s blank… and that’s where my next quilt is going for now.  No new ideas for now; Thus we are NO WHERE!

sashquilting I’m still working on the Quadrifoil Quilt… scheduled to be done for Feb 16.. the birthday of the recipient .  All the blocks are quilted and I’m just going over the sashing with a straight stitch.    This is a large double bed size quilt, so it is taking me forever to get it done..   I can’t sew for very long these days.  To much pain in my shoulders.    A couple rows a day and it should be ready to bind by this next week.

DSCN8048Boomer has been doing a lot of this with the temps below freezing.   There is a pet heating pad inside…    He also likes to take a nap with Mocha in the front room in the evenings. nap timeWe are just keeping warm and slowing way down…  It is Hibernation Weather  right now.  Hope February is warmer or we find more energy.

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