Froggin’ time

oct2015 quilting QuatrifoilI caught a great big problem when quilting a row of blocks.   Of course it was after I got thru with the whole row… the backing fabric got bunched up under the blocks… and I was sewing 4 and 5 layers instead of the 3.    I spend the day frogging the blocks – all 5 of them.

I reset my machine  and took the rest of the day off.   It is so discouraging  to mess up a whole row.. but now I am back on track although a day or 2 later than where I wanted to be.

I got a great ON LINE gift card from ???   – no name on it.. and I haven’t cashed it in as yet.    DD#2 got it tracked down as to whom sent it.    Thank YOU Janet L.    You know I will use it!!!    (it’s to a quilting store).

DSCN8029Smudge is checking out the lava lamps … she loves to swat the lava as it flows up out of the bottom…

January is going along as expected… no outside stuff getting done since it is around freezing temps.    Christmas décor is put away and we are settling into a uneventful routine.  No resolutions this year.. we just want everyone healthy.

DD#2 only has about 3 more radiation treatments left.. her skin is starting to heal and the pain level is more manageable.   More Tylenol and less narcotics.   Her hair is growing out nicely and she could probably go without a “hat”.   But in this cold weather, she’d rather wear one for warmth than looks.   Still doesn’t want any pictures taken, but she is going to get a few done when she’s not actually aware of MOM’s CAMERA.

Hope your January is as full of promise as ours… GRANNY

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