After Holiday Plans

vintage topPaternal side: Great Gram Sadie & Great Aunt Lillie’s blocks with white filler blocks.    DD#1 is sending me more of their hand sewn blocks so that I can make a larger quilt.

DSCN7652They made lots of blocks together.. sewing a few each evening after Dinner was over and kitchen cleaned.

qlt blksggma sadie & gauntlillieA stack of 25 blocks came to me.. they finish out around 6″ each.   DD#1 has 25 more…sharons blockSo we decided to put them together for one large quilt..  And I will have the privilege  of making the top with all these vintage blocks.     I am thinking of using my 1901 peddle  machine to do all the sewing on this one.   I just need to get thru New Years and then put away all the Holiday decorations…


That is how I start planning my next quilt…

  1. checking what I have in my stash.
  2. choosing something I really want to see how it will look when finished.
  3. Make sure I have all materials needed to complete this project
  4. Do some shopping when I can’t find needed items for this project
  5. Make a List.. Check it twice!!
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