This week (before Christmas)

dec 2015 sewingI have 2 quilts to finish before the big day….. I don’t know if I will get them done.    My sewing room is cluttered with last minute projects.   I may run over into gifting these for New Years…

George's quiltEsp this one can be given after Christmas.. It’s a co-worker of DD#2 who donated over 100 hours to her as she goes thru her cancer treatments.   Only 6 more radiations left on her journey and the worse part of the journey will be over.

YES,  SHE IS GLOWING!!   Ugly looking burn marks on her upper torso, neck and back.    I almost cry each time I look at her..  She says it isn’t as bad as the chemo treatments, just itchy and like a sun burn.    Still I wonder what tissue is being destroyed underneath those burns.      Just feels very tired right now.  So She has taken the rest of the week off from her work.

The Kitchen sink developed a leak where everything drains out/off.   And we had a big mess to clean up in the basement.   A lot of John’s Harley shirts were soaked and the concrete floor had a puddle to mop up.   Today (22) the plumber will be here to fix it.   (this is the 3rd time this month that darn pipe under the sink has come apart)    So a professional was called in hopes of getting a permanent solution to stop the leak.   No more DIY’s for this problem.

plarn rugThe Plarn (plastic yarn)  projects are done,  Made 4 of these oval mats for the Co workers who wanted them.   They donated the plastic bags (groceries bags) so that I could get them made.    And I still have enough to make 2 or 3 more.  (after the holidays)    I just crochet these with a very large hook.. they work great in a laundry area, bathroom mat or to an entrance where a lot of muck is tracked in.  You can hose them off, or throw them away… (and then beg me to make you another one).memorial pepper2015

We got Pepper’s ashes back from the Vet.. and  She will join the cat’s on our special memorial shelve.  I included some back ground decoration in this shot to  have a visual reminder of the date of passing.   I have a scrapbook of just her that I will be finishing up and giving to DD.

And I’ll leave you with this shot of Boomer playin possum … he didn’t want to get up this morning.. And he  doesn’t want to go out side …    His ears are sticking up, so I know he isn’t sleeping…  He is laying in bed watching me as I am here on the computer.  Sneaky!!  playin possom 12 2015

Hope your Days before Christmas are full of fun and loving thoughts, lots of gifts and hugs from loved ones.     Hope to get back before the 25’th, but don’t count on it.   I am getting slower and easily distracted these days.   GRANNY

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