crossed the Rainbow Bridge

pepperHere’s our sweet gal.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, Dec 8th.   We noticed some lumps on her abdomen, lack of energy, back bone showing with some wasting away of her muscles.  Kids took her to the vet.   The x-rays and sonogram showed a very large tumor involving all of her intestines, liver and kidneys… and that HARDest of all decisions had to be made.   The vet didn’t think she had much time left –no not even a week.  At 12 years old, we didn’t want to see her suffer anymore.

Her going has left a big hole in our lives…  so we mourn our loss and have lots of pictures and memories of one of our beloved animals.

Run Free Dear Pepper… and find MY Tuffy to play with once you get across that Rainbow Bridge..

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1 Response to crossed the Rainbow Bridge

  1. Lisa McGuyer says:

    So sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful dog and I know how sad it is to lose one of your fur babies. Saying a prayer for you and Pepper.

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