Lost a day

Yup, it happens.   It was rainy, downpour in fact.  The cleaning lady came (we finally got one!)   And I just vegetated the whole day.    Well most of the day..

DSCN7980I did get a bunch of plastic bags ready for my crochet project/s.   You fold them back to the original fold, cut into strips, lock together and Wha – La… plastic yarn for floor mats/bath mats.   Love these in the basement, garage or front door(wipe your feet!).   They are FREE and Disposable.

This Monday started the first week of DD#2’s radiation therapy.   She will go every day for 6 weeks.  This being the 3rd day, she has some redness where they radiate that site.   She has cream to use and will see the doctor after todays treatment.   She is not glowing in the dark…  YET.


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