Christmas gifts

DSCN7949This is just one of 3 table runners I have finished.   This is for July 4th.  The others are for Spring and Easter.     I have place mats together and ready for quilting..

DD#2’s Cancer treatment continues with Radiation therapy .  She will have to go everyday for a few weeks.  (Not sure just now how many weeks of this she will have)  But this should be the last round of active treatments other than the daily medication and check up/scans.  So far all the results are positive and she is handling everything really well.   No further tumors have been seen on all her tests and scans..    Thank The good Lord and everyone’s prayers!!

All my sewing of gifts is for those persons at work who donated their extra time to her  so she could have time off to recuperate after the Chemo meds.    Plus the usual Christmas Ornaments I make each year..

Am hoping to get everything all done,   plus I have a large quilt to finish..  Whew, I am tired just thinking of it all.

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