A month of “to dos”

Smudge has taken over the dog kennel..  while Boomer has been sleeping in bed with me.  I have to admit it looks really comfy in there..

smudge takes over kennel

I have finished a couple of quilts this month.. Complete with labels on the back.  The black and white one went off to Missouri to be quilted while I worked on the stacked block quilt.

d4p N blocks oct2015

oct2015 quilting Quatrifoil

Now this one is all sandwiched and under the needle.. It has to be done for Christmas gifting, too.   And it is very large!!.  Again I am doing it in sections.  The backing fabric doesn’t work if I cut it apart, so I left it all in one piece.  The top is in 3 sections.   I only put batting in the section I am working on.   That way it doesn’t get too big and bulky to work on.. I start at the top and work my way to the bottom.


This brown and cream is on my design wall, as I still need another quilt  for Christmas, but no promises made, just in case..

And for when I sit watching tv in the evenings,  I have a little hand applique work to do for another small gift.     It’s another eye catcher of stacking blocks.       I have to tack (hand sew) under the edges before putting it on a 15 inch square of fabric.     This is another one of those “orphan” projects.. There are other matching blocks to go with this one, too.    I’m thinking of getting a small quilt off to the local abuse center.   They take all sizes of quilts.

applique by handThere is no way I could find matching fabric in those colors , so It is a small project/ quilt that some little one will be able to call their own.

Those are my current project for the rest of this month and probably next month, too.   It takes me awhile to get going, but once I start, there is no stopping til it is done.

All or nothing!!    That seems to be me in just about everything I do.


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