Getting caught up

I am terrible about letting time slip by me.. Seems like I can’t focus on more than a  couple of things at a time.   Aging is just wonderful…NOT

DD#2 had her surgery 4 weeks ago and came thru it just great.   Everything as expected with no surprises or setbacks.   DD#1 (the other nurse) came up from Florida and took care of me a break from nursing duty to let me just be MOM for a change.   It was the best thing ever to let go of the responsibilities and enjoy family time.   Even had time for a fire and homemade chilli night.  fire N chilli 2015oct

Today DD#2 does her pre op appointments for the radiation round of Chemo.. And she wanted to do it by herself.. “It’s no big deal”…   Damn if it isn’t!!!  She just doesn’t know it yet..   It may seem like routine stuff: and I hope it is,, but there are just a few things that could go wrong.   But I am letting her be in charge and trusting in her judgment.    It is her body and her life.. I am just here to support her decisions.   (That’s a hard lesson for all parents to learn and I have to keep reminding myself to let go and trust.)  rd 6 redAnd life continues on it’s path while we figure out and deal with each little event that comes along.

This is Boomer and he is now a part of our family pack.. 8 years old and so tiny that the small doggie sweaters are a bit big on him.(wt-7.5 lbs)  Neutered and checked out to be quite healthy by our vet.. He follows me everywhere and has to sleep under the covers (in my bed) every night.   Now to get him to eat regular dog food!!   He has held out for People Food so far.. we are still working on that. boomer arm rest2015


Again I brought out the Ghastlies  topper.. The backing had to be bigger and everything measured.. Yup, too big to send out for quilting..(that’s our dining room floor)  I’ll have to do it by hand.  Since it would cost way too much to have a long arm quilter do it for me.. Yea!!  spider webs and lots of hours with it during the coming winter months.  sharon pin basting


But for now I am sewing up Christmas Gifts… special to those who have helped DD#2 during her Journey..    Still have a few more items to make.. before the big holiday arrives.. lots of table runners and dresser toppers.. even some place mats.   There were a lot of people in my daughters life that were so very generous with their time and  support.   We (esp she)  are truly Blessed!!

rd 1 table runners.5 And that just about catches me up on everything for now.. Lots of sewing gifts and getting to know the little Chihuahua.. as we head into the Fall and Winter Months.    Halloween is right around the corner but we are not celebrating it this year..   It was DD’s responsibility and she isn’t feeling up to getting the candy, doing the decorations and handing out treats.   (Really its about not having the temptation of all that candy around and DH wanting to go to a bike rally.)

We are working towards a healthier life style and making changes in life to keep everyone healthy and not having a relapse.     Meanwhile, I’ll just be MOM and enjoy each day as it comes.

over the hill


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