2 quad blocksMaking a quilt for a special person in our lives… this photo is of 2 blocks for her quilt.   I do have all the blocks done with sashing in between.   Just haven’t had time to take any more photos.     Maybe once I get some other smaller projects done and have room to sandwich and quilt it, I will be able to get some pictures taken.

This coming week is full of  doctors appointments, scans and tests for DD.   Our next phase/step in her cancer treatment will be surgery.   Looking at the 27 or 28th for the consult and then we will have a date.


I’ve been in a funk lately.. just going thru the motions of life and trying to go forward after a  “blast from the past”  came along and sent me on a trip down  memory lane and all the emotions that went with it.    I went thru a very hard time when I lost my eyesight and had no one but myself to  get me thru it.   The one person I needed and wanted wasn’t  there.   Didn’t hear my cry for help or didn’t understand ..   Whatever–  I got thru it with the help of New Friends.

There is too much going on now and in the future that I want to be a part of.    My needs and self esteem come first..   I like myself to much to just accept a part time/ whenever relationship.     Its all in or all out  deal with me.

life is a hwy


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