My Grandmother (allie maude Simpson/Hasty/ Johnson)  passed in 1965 and is buried in Havana, Illinois.   During her last year  of life she was sick and unable to take care of herself, let alone do any sewing.     She loved her “boys”  so when she chose to do a quilt for one of them  her colors, exp the background, was in blue.    gma quilt circa 1964 gmas qlt backShe used a machine to piece all the Octagons together then all the Quilting was done by hand. Just looking at this one and touching it conjures many memories of the summers I spent with her as I grew up.   I can’t express how happy I am to have ONE of her many quilts.  The others were sold to help pay for her final expenses and she didn’t  put a label on  any of them… so this one will get a label and be greatly loved and cherished.    Thanks to my “evil”  Cousin Donna!!  I’m calling this one Allie’s Garden… in memory of our Grandmother.

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One Response to It ARRIVED!!

  1. Penny says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Your quilts are beautiful. God bless you

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