one more time…..

Yes, one more round of Chemo..   Part of the Journey is almost over with then we can move on to the Next phase.    Pet scan and surgery after a 3 week recovery period from the chemo.   It may be longer for the surgery, but we know that is the next step.    So keep the cards and calls coming.  This is one long, hard journey.

So far we have done good with all the side effects.. suffered thru them with help from a lot of medication.   Thankfully no extra germs snuck in and caused more problems.    (knock on wood).

I continue with the fixing meals and hovering.   I then cleaned out an old file cabinet and will be burning a lot of confidential items and letting go of old memories.   It’s lightening the load.

I did finish GS#3s quilt, the binding star pattern found at Missouri Star Quilt Company.    And started the Quatrefoil .

working on Quads

Looks like a lot of little pieces, but not too bad once you get the smaller units together.    I am using the Fresh Lilac fabric from RJR.. 1 quad blockFirst make the corner 4 pack.   Then make the 4 middle pieces.. and one 4.5 center piece.. ta da!!   You have your block..   One down  a lot more to go!!   I don’t have any idea how big it will be… I am just making the blocks for now and when I run out of the layer cake (10 inch blocks cut into 4.5 inch blocks)  I will quit and lay it all out.   There MUST be sashing between each block.     So, I guess it is a wee bit time consuming.

Still waiting for the promised quilt  that my Grandmother made.. It is In the Mail!!!     ?????   ok,  I’m stalking the mail person every day.   Hoping I get it this week..  (only 2 more days of the week left)     Cousins!!!   Love ’em and their sense of humor…  I only have about 84 of them.

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