As days go by

We are thru the worst part following chemo therapy.. the acute symptoms are fading but the GI tract is still affected.   The foods are more bland and smaller amounts  served.   DD#2 is getting them down, tho she tells us she has lost 9 more lbs.    Eye drops have helped with the tearing and dry eyes.   The dark circles are still under her eyes and I know she is so tired  now.    Thus I have food ready and the animals fed when she gets home from work so she can just eat and rest.   Yes, she went to work on Tues and is going to finish out this week…. no matter how tired she gets.


Myself, I hang in here trying to lighten her load.   Tomorrow  I will start doing up the laundry that has been forgotten.    Somehow it always piles up!!   My Fitbit  Says I’m burning calories and   getting in a lot of steps…   Cute little gadget to remind myself to “move it”.    

  ORPHAN BLOCKS-   those blocks of fabric that haven’t found their place in a quilt.     (sent to me by Sandy N from MSQC forum member last year)

DSCN7899The stack of 130 9 patch blocks are trimmed and I’ve started sewing them into a quilt top.   I just cut 6 inch squares from some off white fabric to place in-between each  9 patch and have a simple but colorful top.    The first quilt I ever remember sleeping under was this same pattern.9 patch qlt


The most exciting news I have gotten this week is I am soon to have in MY possession a quilt that MY Grandmother made.     I don’t have a clue as which one or what pattern it is.. My Cousin just sent me a message on Facebook that she was sending me a quilt that our Gram had made.    “look for it in a few days”.   (coming from Colorado)      The suspense is getting to me…. I catch myself looking out the front window several times a day…and early evening.   No tracking number, no message of who is delivering it regular mail or the brown truck service.. That Cousin is evil, I tell you,, just evil. 

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