Round 5, the beginning

Lab work done yesterday and all results are good for this next round of Chemo.  Today at 9 a.m.   she’ll be getting “plug” in with all the iv meds.. and I’ll see her after 4 or 5 hours.

We finally got all of her hair cut off so it will grow back evenly… That guy from the Crypt or Beetlejuice had competition there for thinnest, wispiest hair do.   DD had them both beat.     All  the meds for the side effects are handy, plus she now gets eye drops and Vit B12 shots 3 days after the chemo….

DSCN7785     I cleaned and whipped down all frequently handled surfaces yesterday and this morning I shut off the air and opened all the windows to exchange some stale air for Fresh!!   It’s nice and cool outside..  a perfect day to air out the house.

Pepper the Australian Sheppard Mix has a left ear infection now, so it was doctoring it- cleaned out and drops added.   DSCN3292


I’m doing better, but still not 100% with my balance.  It’s gonna take awhile longer I guess.  Getting older and slower at EVERYTHING…

Got a pot of soup working for those days when the appetite isn’t too good.. and the sore innards need something  soothing.   Lots of veggies and protein with cream sauce.

Gotta get back to work on the quilting part of the Grandson’s Christmas/Birthday gift this year.   we are over 1/2 way done..   And already I am thinking about the next quilt I want to do for a special person.

I finally found out their favorite colors and ordered the fabric yesterday..   It will be a Big quilt for a Queen size bed.. so It will be a few months before I get it done.     Quadrafoil pattern      I loved it the first time I saw this tutorial .     It will hard to part with this one…. I happen to like the Lilac with green & purple, too!!

Well, we are off and got a good start on this day!!   Plus lots of Fresh Air inside the house.

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