good week, bad week

imagesCAB1ZN5DThis was me the past few days.. got an inner ear infection from falling asleep in front of the fan.   Air blowing in my ear that doesn’t have an ear drum.. lost it as a kid in an accident.     So I wasn’t having a very good week.

Otherwise DD was having her “good” week.    I’ll be well just as she needs to start another round of Chemo.   #5 coming up this Tues ( Aug 4th)    She said she isn’t looking forward to it, but knows it is helping kill off the cancer cells.    I think she will look forward to that 6th round as it will be her last.

We haven’t learned what the next step is in her treatment.. a talk with the surgeon is  coming up and we will know more then…   I’ll be letting you all know what the “plan” is as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, taking the antibiotics, steroids and  motion sickness pills as ordered on Monday.. and getting better slowly.    I did do some quilting on Grandson #3’s quilt.   Just a meandering, all over stitch, but it works for me!!

cntrBindingTool This is the center of His quilt….. and it goes on and on and on……. The pattern is called   “binding tool quilt”.      I love it and have another one in mind in another color; with the black ground fabric.      Let’s see if I can get this  one done before his birthday in Dec.    I seem to be getting slower lately.    LOL.

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