This is as normal as we get…..

10356407_10152327848832740_5195718247100562842_nOr as DD#2 says… Chemo Brain has struck.      At least work is easy this week.  No math involved in mixing solutions.   Everything is written down.

I am just a bit tired,  worn thin as Gram used to say.   I never did understand that phrase, til recently.   It means physically tired as well as emotionally.    Old friends and relatives have  “put in their appearance”  then forgot to keep in touch.    Now is when one realizes just WHO really cares and will stick by you and those who do it  for “show”.     Oh, you know who YOU are…. no cards, no phone calls, no actions that follow thru on your “caring” words.    Feeling guilty??   Well, if the shoe fits!!      Don’t just sit there, pick up the phone or send a card!!   This Journey is NOT OVER … There is still a lot more to deal with..

2 more rounds of chemo, 6 weeks left of poisoning before we know what the next step of this journey will be.   Surgery?   Radiation?     Neither choice is great, but necessary if we are going to beat this Cancer.       liz2014

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1 Response to This is as normal as we get…..

  1. Vivian says:

    Sad to say but I can relate to this post. People who had never came before all of a sudden wanted to see me, one even bold enough to say, “I want to see your bald head.” I told them they could not, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t call, send a card, or help out in some way. Cancer was both a blessing and a curse. I’m sorry your daughter is having to go through this and I wish for her the very very best outcome. I’m so happy she has a loving, caring mom like you to be there for her.

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